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(SNAPP Reviews aren’t really a full fledged game review as much as they are just a way for us to give you a quick “heads-up” on whether a certain game is good or not. It usually means that we haven’t finished the game yet, but have played a good enough chunk to know whether it’s worth your time/money or not.)

Even with the big Indie Celebration going on for the couple weeks on the App Store, there’s still bound to be some great games overlooked. It’s bound to happen. Of course, that’s what we’re here for at SNAPPZILLA.

Last week a game called, Westy West by indie developer, Marcelo Barce released on the App Store. At first glance, it just looked like another “Crossy Clone”, but with a Western skin to it, but after playing for a bit, that would really be doing Westy West a disservice. Of course, the game is inspired by Crossy Road, but so many games are now that it’s almost created a whole new genre.

Westy West screenshot 4

You are the new sheriff in town back in the Wild West and your job is to rid the town of those no good rotten bandits and of course, get as far as you can before your inevitable demise as in most of these style of games. What’s unique about Westy West is the whole “feel” of the game. There are townsfolk traveling round, banks to walk inside of and collect money, saloons to stir up trouble in, blacksmiths to buy weapons from, wanted criminals to find for reward. It just has the feel on a pixelized version of an old west town. Little things like standing behind a horse too long and it kicks you clear across the street. Or if you fire your pistol, all the innocent people put their hands up. There’s a lot of little details to find.

Westy West screenshot 3

You collect money by surviving as far as you can and by collecting rewards from “wanted men”. There are also missions like “shoot X amount of crates”, etc to get cash. You can use the money to buy new characters, new weapons, and even upgraded skills. Don’t go in thinking it’s a full blown shooter game. It’s technically still a Crossy Style game, but there is some depth to it.

Westy West screenshot 1

I did have some issues with controls here and there. You have to swipe up/down/left/right depending on where you want to go and you tap to shoot. I found myself shooting a lot more than I wanted to resulting in quite a few innocent casualties. I don’t know. Maybe I’m a hard swiper, but it would have been nice if there were some different control schemes to mess around with. Other than that, I’ve had a lot of fun with this one. So, if you’re not sick of the whole Crossy scene yet, definitely give this one a try. Because Westy West is a blasty blast!

Westy West
Price: Free+