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(SNAPPshot is a daily blog-like news piece about the mobile gaming industry. A “snapshot” of the past 24 hours if you will. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Gooooooood morning/afternoon SNAPP Family!! Time to fire up the coffee maker and go through the past 24 hours of news!

Sorry I missed you guys yesterday. It’s been a little cray-cray at SNAPP Headquarters with the kids starting school and my youngest starting kindergarten next week.

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Anyway, here we are on the eve of a new App Store refresh. Things have been picking up already. It’s also been a little busy in the mobile gaming news department. I guess I’ll start off with the bad news……

Morphite title

Unfortunately, highly anticipated game, Morphite (by Crescent Moon/Blowfish Studios) is going to be delayed a couple weeks. Originally, it was supposed to release on September 7th. Now, the new date is September 20th. It’s not a big delay luckily. There’s just a few bugs to squash. I’ve been playing the most recent build for a week or so now and I can tell you that the game is pretty much ready to go. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks of the game when it releases.

I’m sorry to start things out on a bad note. We did have some good news though.

Tin Man Games released the episode 2 “Cleopatra’s Curse” update for Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze. That’s not all folks! On top of that, episode 1 is currently FREE right now! So, if you haven’t played the game yet, go get yours!

Torque Burnout (by League of Monkeys) just got a pretty damn good update with a new real world track, a new vehicle, and new skin for the “Fear” car. Of course there’s always performance improvements and bug fixes too. I still really dig this game. It’s definitely worth checking out if you like racing games.

Torque Burnout
Price: Free+

Djinnworks released update #22 for Stickman Skate Battle. This brings us a brand new “Capture the Ramp” game mode and event. Plus, a brand new combination level with a bunch of improvements.

Stickman Skate Battle
Price: Free+

Last but not least, the original Infinity Blade received its first update in 5 years. So, if you’re still holding out on the series and finally want to start the first game, you’ll be happy to know that it has 64-bit support now. (Psst! Take my advice and just play the 3rd one. They all pretty much play the same.)

Infinity Blade
Price: $5.99+

Alright, back to stalking the App Store for new games. Stay safe to everyone down south effected by the hurricane. To everyone else, keep on swiping…..