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(SNAPPshot is a daily blog-like news piece about the mobile gaming industry. A “snapshot” of the past 24 hours if you will. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Gooooood flipping morning/afternoon/evening SNAPP Family!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend in the U.S.! It’s been pretty busy here at SNAPP Headquarters. The little ones just started up school, so it’s been pretty chaotic around here the past few days.

Anyway, it’s time to pour a big cup of coffee and see what the hell has been going on in the industry the past couple days…….

Pax west 2017

Well, the biggest thing going on over the weekend was of course, PAX West. So, there wasn’t a whole lot of non-PAX news going on. That’s kind of why I skipped yesterday’s SNAPPshot. Plus, I’m jealous that I wasn’t able to go damnit!

Mario not a plumber

We actually had some Mario news yesterday! The biggest shocker is that I guess Mario isn’t a plumber anymore? *gasp* Yea, according to Nintendo’s Japanese website where there is a character bio for him, the last bit of the bio says, “As a matter of fact, he also seems to have worked as a plumber a long time ago.” I’m sure the Internet is going to be on fire now that this is out. Luckily I’m not a huge Nintendo fan, so this doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but it’s kind of a big deal to some.


In other news (heh, I felt like a newscaster there). Foursaken Media’s new game, Nobleman: 1896 has hit over 1M downloads in just 3 days on the App Store! Foursaken tweeted out yesterday that Nobleman is easily their fastest downloaded game to date. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s pretty good. It’s definitely a lot deeper of a strategy game than I expected.

Animoca brands

Developer/Publisher, Animoca Brands just sold off 13 of their games to Maple Media for (up to) 2.9 million dollars. Apparently Maple Media will pay 1.1 million up front and then up to an additional 1.9 million by the end of 2019 depending on some sort of revenue changes/hurdles. No word has been said on what games were sold. Animoca Brands just released Hipster Sheep a couple weeks ago.

Tiltagon turbo

Some of you might remember a game published by Noodlecake called, Tiltagon. Well, the husband/wife dev team, Kiemura is going to be re-releasing it with a ton of new polish, a bunch of extras, mixing it in a bowl and calling it, Tiltagon Turbo on September 14th.

That’s about it for news. We did have a couple small content updates. Balance the Hat received 3 new hats in its most recent update. And Flippy Knife got 3 new knives. Hmmmm. Coincidence?? I think not. It’s some sort of code. What are the developers trying to tell us??

Balance The Hat
Price: Free+
Flippy Knife
Price: Free+

Alright. That’s your SNAPPshot for yesterday (and a little of the weekend). Have a great day everyone! Keep on swiping…….