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(SNAPPshot is a daily blog-like news piece about the mobile gaming industry. A “snapshot” of the past 24 hours if you will. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Coffee & Swiping mug by Nik

Gooooood Morning/Afternoon SNAPP Family!! It’s August 31st. The summer is just about over. Time to pour myself a cup of coffee and see what the hell has been going on the past 24 hours.

Well, it’s Thursday. So, the big story today is of course, the App Store front page. I won’t know until later on today. The App Store doesn’t refresh for me until about 3:00pm EST. I’ve gotta say though. There are a TON of great contenders this week! Just yesterday, we had literally dozens of solid titles release on the App Store.

Download App Store Badge

It’s pretty early in the day, so I’m sure there will be more games yet to release, but so far, here’s a few I’ve been digging.

Battle Golf Online
Price: Free+
Flip Master
Price: Free+
Box Cat Bash
Price: Free+
Swipe Casters
Price: Free+

As far as news goes, most of it is pretty much game releases. So, there’s no point in mentioning any of them until tomorrow’s SNAPP Roundup. We did have a few things worth mentioning though……

Simogo logo 2

If you’re a fan of any of Simogo’s titles, you’ll be happy to know that their entire library is on sale right now. Everything from Device 6, to Year Walk is on sale for $0.99! Yes, only a buck! EVERYTHING MUST GO! If you want my opinion, buy them all. Every game is a gem in it’s own way.

Tekken Mobile

I mentioned Tekken Mobile a couple weeks ago in Coffee & Swiping. It was just a trailer that Bandai Namco had put out. Well, as of this writing, Tekken Mobile has been soft launched in the Canadian App Store. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but I’ll dig into it later on today. So, if you’re Canadian or “Canadian”, head on over to the App Store and check it out yourself.

The only update worth noting yesterday was The Escapists. It looks like Team 17 added a whole new prison to escape from. I still haven’t made my way through this game, but it’s always good seeing stuff added.

The Escapists
Price: $4.99

Alright. That’s it for yesterday’s SNAPPshot. It’s been pretty chaotic already this morning with all these new games dropping. Keep your eye out for most likely an extra long SNAPP Roundup tomorrow. Stay safe everyone out there in Texas and remember to keep on swiping……..