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(The SNAPP Roundup is a daily ongoing article showcasing the *noteworthy* mobile games released on the App Store. Newly released games are updated as soon as possible, so check back often.) Aaaaaaaaand welcome to the SNAPP Roundup you sexy bastards! A place where (almost) EVERYONE gets featured!!!! We had another great release week last week. It’s crazy doing these round-ups every week and seeing/playing all these games that come to the App Store. On any given week, there’s a good 50 to 100 games in the SNAPP Roundup. Throw in Android games. Hell, throw in console and handheld games even and you’ve got so many damn options! I’m not saying every game is going to be your game every single week, but it’s really tough to be bored in this day and age. There’s ALWAYS something to play. I’ve never had such a backlog of games. So, let’s get to adding more to that backlog shall we?? As you can see, this week’s Roundup theme is for lovers. With Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, it’s only fitting. Yes, SNAPPZILLA is all about love and the act of love making. So, let’s get things started. Here’s the “lovely” SNAPP Roundup for February 12th to the 18th…………

Heart of Savior
Heart of Savior


6 Saviors to Choose
Wreak havoc in glorious combat as the mighty Warrior, use healing magic to ensure allies remaining on their feet as the Priest, rain down fire upon enemies as the Mage...Choose which savior best fits your play-style and jump into the action!

Master Unique Skills
Upgrade both active and passive skills to hold off the tough monsters. Master them to unlock your savior’s potential powers, unleashing their most deadly techniques!

PVP Battles
Arena or Ultimate Arena? 1 VS 1 or 5 VS 5? Enter the arena to battle other players online in epic matches. Equip your savior with the best equipment to climb the ranks and earn prizes!

Tons of Epic Loot
Forge or discover rare armor, weapons and loot to enhance your power!

Create a guild and invite other players to join. Build your very own battle community and work to make it to the top of the rankings list.

Unique Cultivation System: Valkyries and Mascot
Cultivate your Valkyries to make them more powerful and beautiful. Fight alongside your Valkyries. Collect your favorite Mascot on your epic journey!

Hot League Match
Beat up your opponents to soar through an endless ladder of league. Become King of the War.

New Server Carnival
Limited package and free VIP, only in new server!
Login 7 days in a row to win luxury rewards!
Massive enhancement resources for recharges in a row!
More events to explore!

Visit our official Facebook page and Forum for the latest news and announcements
Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HeartofSavior/


Idle Ship Heroes-clicker game
Idle Ship Heroes-clicker game


Idle Ship Heroes-clicker game is an epoch-making RPG mobile game that takes you into the simple, fun, and fun adventure! Just click will be able to defeat the monster, hire a hero, upgrade the spacecraft and unlock the heroes to unlock the unique skills. Daguai save money, free diamonds, looking for treasure, together to explore this new world!

The main gameplay:
• Challenge yourself, each level has a funny BOSS!
• Upgrades your heroes, each with their own unique skills!
• Use your hero's skills in the battle I wish you lucky!
Mysterious boss waiting for you to challenge! Maybe mysterious angel guard you oh ~

- It will be a popular click adventure game around the world! Kill time weapon, eliminate boring choice, once started can not be put down!

Helix Horizon
Helix Horizon


A revolutionary Japanese-style RPG with incredible visuals and a star-studded voice cast!

Dive into the fantasy world of Helix Horizon and embark on an unforgettable adventure! Our all-new Ring Out combat system and hundreds of stunning characters await you!


■ Innovative Ring Out System
Turn the tide of battle with our innovative Ring Out combat mechanics! Master the tactics and defeat your enemies in style!

■ Co-op Guild Quests
Battle alongside your fellow guild members to take down the most formidable monsters in real-time! Epic 4-player co-op combat awaits you!

■ Unique Characters
Hundreds of exquisite and unique characters with amazing skills to collect! Recruit your favourite heroes and create the greatest team of heroes to have ever existed!

■ Exciting Gameplay
Tired of watching your characters in auto-battle modes? Challenge your limits in the PvP Arena or put your tactical skills to the test in our various interactive and co-op quests!

■ Stellar Voice Cast
Star-studded line-up of 30+ famous Japanese voice actors featuring the likes of Kugimiya Rie, Uchida Aya, Tamura Yukari, Tomatsu Haruka and more!

Infinity Dungeon 2
Infinity Dungeon 2


■■■■■Resurrection of warrior family■■■■■
Unique and cute design and simple games to the sequel of the popular Infinity Dungeon!
Defeat zombies with a cute daughter!

The dream team of wizard, Knight, summoner, dwarf are back!

Is it a Idle game? Or is it a defense game?
Differentiated game!
Good game that doesn't attract money trading!

■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■

■Joy and feeling of striking of a group of battles!

Exciting to beat many zombies!

Cool zombie combat operations of warrior family!

■ Variety of characters!

Various monsters  that a summoning girl summons !

Countless zombies who tackle the warrior family!

■ Various game modes!

Avoid or penetrate zombies!
Fight zombie dogs with monsters of a summon girl!
Beat Supergiant zombie !
Get rid of strange monsters that give strange messages!

NO time to get bored!

■ Beauty of control!
Summon girl who can adjust the tempo of the game!
Each time you touch the summon  girl, all the zombies of stage appear.

If you use the skill well, you can kill many zombies!
Let's prepare for the endless attacks from zombies with a variety of magic of wizards and the attacks of inspectors that you can control!

Let's leave now to beat zombies with magic and sword and summon monsters of a summon girl!

Page : http://www.facebook.com/zabobstudio
Sound By : http://www.freesfx.co.uk/

Made By Zabob Studio

Nostradamus:The Four Horsemen
Nostradamus:The Four Horsemen


France, 15th century...

Michel de Nostradamus, Europe's most famous prophet, receives a strange letter from his old friend, Gregory, begging him to come see him as fast as he can. Once he arrives, Nostradamus discovers a spell has been cast over his friend's home by evil spirits.

After performing an alchemistic ritual to free the home from the evil spell, Nostradamus has a vision that four horsemen will come to wreak havoc on Earth. Wars, famine, plagues and many other catastrophes will be the fruits of these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Willing to do whatever it takes to prevent this apocalyptic vision from coming true, Nostradamus wages a desperate battle against the forces of evil!

As Nostradamus, solve puzzles and riddles to discover how the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appeared!

Thwart the four horsemen's plans and fight them in battle with dynamic object sequences!

Travel around France and save villages from catastrophe!

*A VARIETY OF MINI-GAMES that gradually increase in difficulty




*THREE DIFFICULTY MODES AVAILABLE: easy, moderate and hard



Come for an adventure in the forest with The Bellman, The Baker, The Butcher, The Beaver and all the other characters from Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem The Hunting of the Snark. Playing the ever reliable Boots, you can hunt for thimbles and jam, forks and cress, defend yourself against the fearsome Jubjub bird, and revive the heroic (if light headed) Baker. All the while you’ll be on the lookout for the elusive Snark.

From early March 2018, Burn the Curtain's new phone app will be available as a free download. You will be able to use it at three Forestry Commission Sites;

* Haldon near Exeter, Devon
* Hamsterley near Bishop Auckland, County Durham
* Sutton Manor Community Woodland near St Helen’s, Cheshire

To use this app your device will need a Camera, Gyroscope, GPS and Magnetometer.

The Globe
The Globe


The evil "Globe" has stolen one of the most beautiful stars in the universe. Escape from his
lethal fire and reach the precious star. But be careful! Globe's lair is full of mysteries and dangers.
Good luck!

Idle Pizza Factory
Idle Pizza Factory


The pizza production is made up of three steps:
Each station takes care of part of the pizza production process and then sends it along to the next one.
The first station makes the pizza while the second station cuts the pizza into slices.
Lastly, the third station boxes the pizza slices and sends them off to be sold.
With the money you'll earn you'll be able to buy a whole lot of different upgrades that will allow you to increase your earnings even more so.

Attack!Robot Heroes! - No Ads
Attack!Robot Heroes! - No Ads


You can control 4 kinds of pixel man to hit the core ball monster with strategy. They can slow down the core ball, or break the thorn of the core ball, or recycle pixel man from the core ball, and most importantly damage the core ball by your red pixel man!

Balls vs Zombies
Balls vs Zombies


Take a little break from your daily grind and enjoy watching those zombie-heads get smacked! Break as many of them as possible before they move to the bottom of the screen.

Balls vs Zombies is an addictive breakout-pinball-like casual game! Touch the screen anywhere above the ball to aim and release to shoot. Collect coins for more balls. Collect supercoins for a superball that instantly defeats any zombie it touches.

Master the game with the right use of the gravity button and try clearing the screen of zombies to see what happens...
Satisfying meditative relaxin gameplay.

- Simple 1-finger swipe and touch control
- Relaxing gameplay!
- Gradually increasing difficulty
- 8-Bit style soundtrack

Try the game for free "Balls vs. Zombies free".
If you don't mind ads.

Rockter Dash 2
Rockter Dash 2


Welcome To Rockter Dash 2

*This Rocket Simulator Game Is The Most Addictive Game In The App Store.*

These Speedy Rockets are Very Fun and Addicting! In this game you have to keep your rockets away from deadly obstacles while moving at a high speed. In Rockter Dash 2, you are in control of moving your rocket as fast as you can to the left or right.

Lets see how far you can go!

WARNING: You may get angry.

Rockter Dash Includes:

* Endless Twists and Turns.
* Unlock New Rockets and Play with Them in the Space.
* More then 50 Generated Levels with Different Kind of Obstacles.
* Free Game Download (With In App Purchase for Removing Ads).

How To Play:

* Touch anywhere on the screen and drag Left or Right to move the Rocket in the space.
* Grab power-ups to increase your gameplay!
* Avoid anything that comes in your path.
* Collect Rewards for Points and increase your score.
* Unlock New Rockets with Collected Points.

Let us know if you have any suggestions to improve our game!



Run, flip and speed up! Avoid spikes and try to overtake as many runners as possible.

Complete missions, unlock new runners and challenge your friends.

Running is fun - enjoy your run!

Pole Runner - Endless Arcade
Pole Runner - Endless Arcade


"Pole Runner" - is really one of the addictive, endless, fun arcade game.
Your goal is to save the baby player from the raven which took it away. The more poles you jump, higher points you score.

Simply tap the screen to make player jump and reach the next pole.
But stay away from dogs, birds, snake, dragon etc who can hurt the player.
Unlock your favorite animal characters and different weather modes.

"Pole Runner" is now out for IOS !!

EASTER SALE is here !! Get maximum discounts on your favorite In-apps.

- Colorful and Real life HD graphics with amazing Realistic sounds !!
- Amazing weather modes (eagle,rains,thunder,egg,subway, and what not) !!
- Unlock cool new Characters (cat , squirrel , monkey , hen) !!
- Fast action One touch gameplay (Tap Tap) !!
- Challenge and beat your friends score !!
- Sharing screenshot photo !!

Get it for free !!!

Hyper DOS
Hyper DOS


Hyper DOS is an arcade rhythm game with soundtrack by Zminusone.
Shift your shape to match the obstacles, and play with the beat of the music to get combos!
Make your way through 6 different levels, each with its own unique track.
Climb the leaderboards and compare your score to players worldwide!

This item is no longer available. (id:1340488440)
Mini Arcade Golf: Pocket Tours
Mini Arcade Golf: Pocket Tours


Let's play something different!

Is it pool or pinball?? No, it's golf:).

Check out this unique arcade style golf game. Multiple tours to keep players entertained and playing repeatedly. Use a little geometry to master this game, top the leaderboards, and unlock achievements*. Available in both 9-hole and 18-hole rounds. Easy to learn, fun to play, and great for passing time. Get it now and start a tour today!

Get the ball into the hole with as little strokes as possible.

1. Hold your device as you would with a gamepad and use your thumbs to play.
2. Use the rotate left and right buttons on the lower left hand corner to rotate the ball to the desire direction.
3. Set the power with the power bar on the lower right hand corner.
4. Hit the swing button to launch the ball.

-Easy to learn
-Simple and arcade style game play
-Game modes: 9 holes or 18 holes
-Multiple Tours: City Tour, County Tour, Regional Tour, National Tour, and World Tour
-Easy to read golf scorecard for all levels of players
-Online leaderboard and achievements*
-WiFi connection is not required to play**

Note: This game contains in-app-purchase and advertisements. In-app-purchase is optional. Also, please note that advertisement viewing uses internet connection. Data charges may apply based on your service plan. Please contact your service provider for more details.

*Online leaderboard is a service provided by Game Center. To use the service, you will need to have internet connection and sign in to your Game Center account. Your scores are automatically uploaded to the leaderboard if you are signed in.

**Online services such as in-app-purchase and advertisement viewing will not be accessible during offline.

Visit Quest Monkey Games' official web page at www.questmonkeygames.com or the official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/QuestMonkeyGames/ to get the latest news and info about this game.

Purrfect Date
Purrfect Date


Cats are a lil’ like marmite. Either you absolutely head-over-heels love’ em, or… nahhh, who are we kidding?! Everyone categorically LOVES cats. Case closed. *Pounds hammer* Next!

...but what would it be like to date one?

Find out in 'Purrfect Date' - a new breed of dating sim, and the latest ‘critically acclaimed’ release from the BAFTA-winning Bossa Studios, brains behind 'I am Bread' and 'Surgeon Simulator'.

Set on the seemingly idyllic Cat Island (think palm trees, coconuts, and beachfront cocktail shacks), you, a stranger to these shores, must date a string of fetching felines, in an attempt to unravel the island’s mysterious secrets.

What happened to all the humans? Why can these cats talk? ...am I falling in love?!

You can also expect...

- Paw-dropping visuals, all hand illustrated
- A soundtrack that gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase ‘earworm’
- No less than 18 - that’s E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N! - alternative endings
- More words than Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. No, really.
- Um… did we mention you get to date cats?

So assuming you’re not already hammering at the ‘download’ button, here’s what the experts had to say....

“We didn't think we needed a game like this until RIGHT NOW!”

“Not for dog people.”
- VideoGamer

“Ever wondered what it would be like to go on a date with a cat? Well, wonder no more.”

“There’s a little romance, sure, but there’s also drama, mystery and a fair bit of humor, twisted together in a cleverly-unfolding tail. Tale. Sorry.”
- Kotaku

“One of the most charmingly silly games I can think of.”
- Rock Paper Shotgun

“Honestly, once you've played through the first chapter, you'll find it hard to put down.”
- GameSpew

“Purrfect Date is… purrfection.”
- Hey Poor Player

Purrfection. Need we say more?

This item is no longer available. (id:1335328358)


Fire through a pixel art universe to a retro soundtrack and sound effects that are inspired by the old-school arcade game era. Players can cycle through multiple game modes and choose between ten unique ships with varying fire rates and bullet speeds, meaning no one game will ever be the same!

Features include:
◉ Unlock 10+ unique ships - with varying fire rate and bullet speeds
◉ Several power ups
◉ 2 game modes – Main, & Extreme - more to come!
◉ Leaderboards
◉ Music by Nihilore

Rover Builder GO
Rover Builder GO


Rover Builder GO is a challenging racing game that combines building and driving in a unique way. In the garage you can build any kinds of physically accurate rovers from the scratch. Only your creativity sets the limits.

You are competing against other real players, trying to rise to the next division. Division rankings are shared every day so you need to stay sharp to climb to the top. As you succeed in the race you’ll get money to upgrade and buy new parts to your rover.

Are you ready to compete in this cosmic race of crazy rovers?

Internet connection required for full functionality.

Follow Us:
* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roverbuilder/
* Web: https://www.roverbuilder.com/

Flappy Colors
Flappy Colors


Play the game of the Games.
This kind of "Flappy" is unique and never been there.

Try it out and reach the Highscore!
But beware, Flappy Color is addictive!

Dapion Team


Burger Together
Burger Together


Dive into this delicious journey of flavors!

Reach new heights as you level up to create a memorable experience for your customers! Tend to your crops and cook delicious food for the lovely townspeople.

GROW AND HARVEST your ingredients from your own farm

BUILD the most efficient restaurant

DESIGN your locations with beautiful decorations

HIRE STAFF to help you run your business smoothly

TEAM-UP with friends and open your own franchise!

EXPAND your restaurant and farm to keep growing your franchise

EARN DAILY REWARDS simply for logging in and playing!

Post feedback about the game on the Burger Together Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BurgerTogetherOfficial/

Burger Together requires at least 500MB of installed space on your device.

Burger Together is free to download and install and contains the ability to purchase items with real money. Please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you do not wish to use this feature.

Copyright 2018 ⓒ by Sonew and PlayThisGame. All rights reserved.

This item is no longer available. (id:1346506166)
Clumsy Knights
Clumsy Knights


A giant dragon befell the kingdom, leading numerous goblins and orcs and creating great havoc. To restore the peace, all the most elite warriors were enlisted.

Game Features:
• Old-school RPG
• 3D Artwork
• Unique crafting system - use all items in crafting
• Delicate 3D characters, including Goblins, Orcs and Golems

Though a pint sized RPG game, great efforts have gone into gameplay, graphics and music. We have used our utmost endeavours and sincerest efforts to provide players with an enjoyable gaming experience.

Hot Shots!
Hot Shots!


Catch fire in this new and awesome arcade basketball game. Got a good shot? Put it to the test. But be careful, miss three and you're out!

Heroes of Destiny
Heroes of Destiny


Master a team of heroes in a fantasy Action RPG with lush 3D graphics. Choose a team of four, set up your gear, explore diverse regions, and win through series of intense battles!

A mysterious evil known as the Darkness has invaded the Kingdom of Lerona and beyond, corrupting everything in its wake and unleashing chaos.

Assemble your hardy group of heroes – champions to battle the hordes of crazed, blood-thirsty monsters that terrorize the kingdom.

Take the battle to the Nether where Darkness lurks. Join the fight, earn epic loot and guide your own Heroes of Destiny to victory!

● Control a team of up to 4 heroes with simple, intuitive touch controls.
● Real-time action RPG gameplay: dozens of skills to inflict damage, protect and heal.

● Awesome 3D characters and environments – battle monsters in richly detailed outdoor, dungeon, and city environments.
● Travel the vast world of mountains, forests and cities.

● Mages, Rangers, Knights and Healers: dozens of unique characters.
● Hundreds of different gear types to customize your heroes and improve their combat stats.
● Beat the deepest dungeons, kill powerful bosses, and earn epic treasure!

- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
- This game is not intended for children.
- Please buy carefully.
- Advertising appears in this game.
- This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.
- A network connection is required to play.
- For information about how MY.COM collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: https://legal.my.com/us/games/mobile_privacy/
- If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.

This item is no longer available. (id:1341722867)


Strap in and experience the RUSH in the first officially licensed NASCAR endless racer! Choose from your favorite Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series drivers as you Pass, Draft, Pit and Avoid Wrecks across 3 unique racing modes. How long can you stay out on the track?!

• Switch lanes with a single tap or swipe
• Overtake opponents and avoid collisions
• Draft to save fuel so you can reach the pits
• Repair Damage, Refuel, or Change Tires – what you do in the pits could make or break your race!

• Select from any of the best NASCAR drivers
• Race across all 23 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Tracks

• Collect cards for your album to boost your performance
• Use card fragments to enhance your car’s abilities
• Complete your card collection to dominate the competition

• Career – Complete missions to earn cash and gold, unlock cards, and increase your fame
• Challenge – Earn rewards based on how far you can drive
• Live Event – Compete with other racers in weekly events that follow along with the actual Monster Energy NASCAR Cup season

• See who can drive the furthest and how you rank against your friends


Please Note: Must be 13+ to play. Included in the app are links to social networking sites and the internet intended for audiences 13+. NASCAR Rush is free to play, but offers in-app purchases. By playing this game, you adhere to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of 704 Games Company.

User Agreement: https://www.704games.com/end-user-license-agreement
Privacy Policy: https://www.704games.com/privacy-policy
Support: https://www.704games.com/support

NASCAR ® is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Racing, Inc. and used under license. All other car, team and driver images, track names, trademarks and other intellectual property are used under license from their respective owner.

© 2018 704 Games Company. 704Games is a trademark of 704 Games Company. All rights reserved.

This item is no longer available. (id:1331663380) This item is no longer available. (id:1347560599)
Almost Free
Almost Free


The brand new reference of the fun-to-pay game genre!
All your friends are already playing this game! (We checked your social networks accounts). So join the fun and pay!
Features :
- Push a cube without any purpose

- Get motivated by powerful messages along the way

- Don’t turn, don’t go back (you can’t). Just push forward!

- Guaranteed with no enemies, no challenge, no sensation, and almost no reward

- Very addictive gameplay!

- Discover the great work of our monetization managers

Note: You are almost free to not play this game.

PaladinZ: Champions of Might
PaladinZ: Champions of Might


Build, upgrade and defend your very own medieval castle! Use strategy and command your army of holy knights to attack your enemies (or friends) and battle your way to glory in this new game - PaladinZ: Champions of Might!

PaladinZ is simple and easy to play, this game is a combination of strategy, magic, knights, and some funny jokes. It requires you plan how to protect your castle (don’t just build and upgrade everything you can in a random order) and plan your attacks carefully (just sending every knight you have won’t cut it) in order to win every battle and make your Lord - THE Lord of the Land.

Game Features:

Build and upgrade your very own medieval castle

Place your defences strategically and defend against other players’ attacks

Watch out and protect your lands from the Poachers

Train your army of funny characters - Spearmen, Archers, Witches, Griffons and more

Upgrade and evolve your army into an unbeatable force

Battle players worldwide and take their Gold, Food and Trophies

Challenge your friends to see who has the best army and who is the better Lord

Discover your favorite attack and defence forces from countless combinations of units

Watch replays of every battle - Watch your holy army in battle to improve your strategy

See how you compare to other players worldwide in Google Achievements and Ranking

Knights & castles themed graphics and sounds with adorable, funny characters

Free action charged strategy game - You have to have strategy in your attacks!

Play as either a male or a female and command your army of holy knights to victory!

Join the PaladinZ Community and get updates, participate in competitions or just watch some funny videos of our holy knights:

Like us: https://www.facebook.com/PaladinZGame/

Terms of Service: http://www.spartonix.com/#/terms
Privacy Policy: http://www.spartonix.com/#/privacy

Game of Biology
Game of Biology


Innovative team gameplay combines a mix of strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation in Game of Biology! Culture microbes and infect the world, explore unknown areas and hunt for marvelous treasures!

Strengthen your power by managing your lab, producing resources, and culturing the strongest microbes. Master dozens of microbes and use them to infect enemies on the world map. Mine resources, control epidemics, hunt for treasure—numerous exciting events are waiting for you! It is your turn to control the world. You are more powerful than you think!

Highly polished interface with stunning retina graphics
36 different pathogenic microbes with entirely different strategies to deploy
Highly detailed world map to learn the history of epidemics
Innovative gameplay of alliances and teams in strategy genre
Establish an organization with your members to infect enemies and plunder resources
Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system.

The game is very easy to pick up and includes a tutorial, so even players with no experience in biological strategy games can jump right in! New functions and equipment are unlocked as you level up, allowing players to learn the game at their own pace. Built from the ground up for iPhone & iPad, Game of Biology evolves push mobile gaming and the biological strategy game to new levels!




Florence is an interactive storybook from the award-winning lead designer of Monument Valley about the heart-racing highs and heartbreaking lows of a young woman's very first love.

Florence Yeoh feels a little... stuck. Her life is an endless routine of work, sleep, and spending too much time on social media. Then one day, she meets a cello player named Krish who changes everything about how she sees the world and herself.

Experience every beat of Florence and Krish's relationship through a series of mini-game vignettes - from flirting to fighting, from helping each other grow... to growing apart. Drawing inspiration from 'slice of life' graphic novels and webcomics, Florence is an intimate and unforgettable story.

Death Squared (RORORORO)
Death Squared (RORORORO)


Death Squared is a puzzle game for 1 or 2 people about coordination, cooperation, and robot explosions.

SMG Studio’s first console game is now available to play on your phone.

- 80+ puzzling levels that unfold via a fully voiced story
- Additional 10 Vault levels that are almost too hard for human consumption
- Voice acting by Ricepirate
- Original music score by Brad Gentle
- Customisable hats!
- Robot Explosions!
- Optimized to work with Bluetooth controllers


“Death Squared is our favorite... co-op game” - IGN

“This game is awesome” - Kinda Funny

"It's challenging, but in a way that can be understood by anyone from a hardened puzzle fan to kids and grandparents." - Polygon

"If you loved Portal, you'll love Death Squared" - 2old2play

"Death Squared is the apex of addiction. Something deceptively simple looking but you won’t be able to put down once you invest in its challenge." - Comics Beat


Infinity Tank Battle
Infinity Tank Battle


Tank Battle is very popular TV game since 8-bit console present. From 2012, we develop "Super Tank Battle" and provide 500 maps to player. Many people play it day by day.

Now we using a new game engine to offer new game "Infinity Tank Battle".

Infinity Tank Battle is a brand new tank battle game. It is following various classic essential features, and add some new interesting elements.

Core Game Rule:
- Defence your base
- Destroy all enemy tanks

Key Features:
- Different type of enemy
- Different type of Map style
- Special items
- Auto Helper tank

Infinity Tank Battle will continue update, our target is over 1000 map. And this game is cross-platform, you can find it on mobile, PC, and Mac.


Space Rocket: Mars Exploration
Space Rocket: Mars Exploration


Control the large multi-staged rocket, which was built to conquer the Mars! Watch it nobly flying to the space and maybe even higher, check its positions and number of modules and reach this amazing red planet – you worth it! Play our new Space Rocket Mars Exploration game trying to land little Mars colonizers right to the surface!

This rocket is so amazing! It has many modules and stages to be ready for the Mars exploration, so do your best and don’t let the colonization process down! Watch it gorgeously flying right to the space, remove some stages to make it faster and just enjoy this fascinating possibility to explore the outer space filled with mysteries and dangers!

Remember: the higher your rocket flies, the more points you earn, so be really careful and attentive not to explode it! Even the little mistake can lead you to the failure, but don’t worry too much, just train your rocket controlling skills up! Check this ultimately amazing Space Rocket Mars Exploration game – you absolutely won’t be disappointed!

Upgrade your rocket with some new colorful skins or unlock some interesting opportunity to transport more colonizers – they all want to discover the Martian surface and even build some interesting constructions here! Put your mark on this fantastic galaxy and the Mars itself and just enjoy this wonderful game!

Space Rocket Mars Exploration features:
• Amazing space exploration rocket arcade game
• Various missions with the main one – the Mars colonization!
• Many colorful skins for your space shuttle
• Fascination simulation of landing at the Mars’ surface
• Picturesque graphics and stunning cosmic flight atmosphere

Check your rocket flying skills trying to reach the Mars in Space Rocket Mars Exploration game!



The maigc runes which belong to the old witch slipped away when the Little Witch was sleeping, Can you help her get them back?

Story mode 16 levels 4 styles;
Mild Roguelike styles;

Hit n' Run!
Hit n' Run!


What our players say?
"Crazy Taxi meets grand theft auto."
"A fun innovative driving game."
"Really fun, like GTA. Can unlock cars!"

Anyone can drive, but only one can dominate the road.
Destroy traffic and crush the police on your way to the top of mafia drivers.

+ Easy one thumb controls
+ Over-the-top driving physics
+ Thrilling slow motion effect
+ Intense police chases
+ Smash and blow-up everything
+ Dozens of missions
+ Two Game Modes
+ Five Super Boosts
+ Over 30 visually and mechanically unique cars to play
+ 70’s funky style



How accurately are you able to keep track of time? How quick is your reaction time?

Clockwork is a modern, retro-style arcade game. Test your skills and reflexes to see just how well you size up with the competition! Tap the screen to stop a timer as close to the designated time as possible. Play your way through a number of time-based modes with Stoppy, the app's avatar, completing achievements and earning coins that allow you to unlock various accessories and character customizations. Check out our leaderboards to see your highest scores in comparison to your friends and the rest of the world!

The lower your score, the closer you are to a flawless game! See if you can hit that perfect '.00'...like clockwork!

Are you able to do what only a handful of people have done and unlock every single achievement? Find out if you've got what it takes NOW!



Tap the screen and hold to move world objects, to let your character reach the goal. In this unique physics puzzle game, you need to time your tap, and hold for enough time, to make sure you avoid the enemies and reach the goal.

Collect coins to unlock characters and the Arcade game mode.

It's not just about the handles, keep the balance, shoot the ball towards the character and throw the character towards the goal.

• One tap gameplay
• Beautiful graphics
• 50 surprising levels
• 40 unlockable characters
• Awesome soundtrack

There are many challenges in trying to REACH!

Bright Tap - color arcade
Bright Tap - color arcade


Hey there! BrightTap is a game wrapped in a challenge – vivid colors and fun shapes you take apart by tapping in a limited time. Test your skills and see if you can beat all the levels!

5 modes
500 unique levels
5 unlimited modes
56 fun different shapes"

Hardest Game Evar
Hardest Game Evar


The world's hardest game ever! Only 1% can beat this game! Some say it is impossible! You will rage a lot ... and probably never be good enough to complete the game.

Game features:
- Rage inducing troll tactics
- Difficult platforming
- Hardest boss ever
- Surprisingly amazing and touching story!

Evil Cogs
Evil Cogs


Your fantasies come true!
Explore that strange, fantastic, mystic world.
Soak up the atmosphere of the dark fairy-tale.
Little light beam needs your help.
So become a light - fight with darkness.
Your way will be hard, but don't be afraid of anything.
Till your light shines - you can make it!

War Of Words
War Of Words


A Real Time strategy game testing your word making skills

Go Thirteen!
Go Thirteen!


Combine the balls and get to Thirteen!

Balls grow each time you combine them. Be careful not to fill the screen or you'll lose!

The longer you play the higher your score. Compete against your friends and get the highest score!

No worries! Thirteen is suitable for all ages so you can play with your whole family.

* Insanely Addictive
* Aesthetically Pleasing
* Intuitive Sounds
* Haptic Feedback
* Realistic Graphics
* Global and Local Leaderboards



Robot_Gif Studios & the W.E.P.W.A (World Electronic Pro Wrestling Association) Present RUMBLEFEST!!!

RUMBLEFEST is a retro arcade pro wrestling action game where players fight in an every man for himself battle royale! The goal of the game is to eliminate as many enemy wrestlers as you can from the ring before they eliminate you.

Do you have what it takes to become a RUMBLEFEST champion?!?

- Colorful, retro pixel graphics.
- 80’s chiptune music and sound effects.
- Fun and easy to pick up, but difficult to master gameplay.
- Secret weapon power-up.
- 1980's “golden era” pro wrestling aesthetics.
- Addictive, fun “top your high score” arcade gameplay.

Attention Rumblemaniacs! This game is in early-access. There may be bugs or crashes, and we need YOUR help to shape the future of RUMBLEFEST. If you experience an issue or crash, or if you have suggestions to make the game better, please email us at team@robotgif.com. We read all feedback and truly appreciate you taking the time to play our game.

Great Magician - Defense
Great Magician - Defense


She is a magician mastering the Earth's material elements, and can create new substance, in the face of intrusion from outside steel soldiers, perhaps only she can withstand, she can almost one person to deal with.
This game is really fun, very challenging, you have to join!

Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon
Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon


– Test totally new idle racing experience and have endless fun!
– Race with over 20 000 opponents in different leagues!
– Jump into the world of illegal, real traffic racing and try your luck in the fastest available cars!
– Tune your car with 45+ upgrades on the various levels!
– Increase your driving skills racing the real traffic!
– Become fast with special cards, which give you an extreme boost!
– Collect your favorite cars in your own garage!
– Beat the high score and climb to the top of the online leaderboards!
– Hire Crew members to boost racing performance!

Arghhh! Speed up, racer! Tap as fast as you can in this racing clicker if you want to compete in one of the most luxurious cities in the world! Find yourself among the best drivers and enjoy the amazing view of Dubai. Gorgeous skyscrapers, the newest achievements of modern arabic architecture, loudly riverside, challenging highways and roads with cliffs, on which YOU SIMPLY can't make any mistakes. It's time to race out!

Start building your position in the world of idle street racing right now – 20 000 demanding racers await you! Raise your skills on the road by tap racing challenges. As far you go, the more difficult it becomes to achieve. As simple as that! Are you fast enough to put your name on the top of the leaderboard? Challenge yourself on asphalt tracks in this arcade racing clicker! Time to find out!

Unlock 25 basic boosters for your favorite car! All of them have over 1000 levels of upgrades! Sounds promising? Yeaaah! Use them wisely in the city road and highway and show who's the boss of illegal street racing! Already felt the full power of Idle Racing GO? Ha! We've barely warmed up! Get even more advantages in the traffic making use of special cards. Have you ever dreamed of building your epic card deck? Collect 77 various cards and raise your horse-power right now! Stay tuned for future card additions!

Do you have any need for special features in racing titles? Looking for something new in real driving competition? Hey racer, you are at the right place! Tap faster and faster to speed up and experience totally new idle racing experience! Keep your eyes on the road and make near traffic misses – collect special bonuses that give you a special pack of nitro! Prepare yourself for a challenge and fill your garage with every of 10 cars to collect! Jump behind the wheel in Idle Racing GO and... TAP NOW!

Idle Racing GO is finally available on Apple App Store!
What are you waiting for? Download it NOW!
Discover our other games: http://t-bull.com/#games
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Dynamons Evolution: Puzzle RPG
Dynamons Evolution: Puzzle RPG


Catch the all cool monsters, evolve to legendary dragons, battle with your friends and explore the fun world of Dynamons Evolution!

Dynamons Evolution is an addictive, FREE to play match-3 game with epic digimonster collecting and gripping RPG elements.

Match, attack and catch all those pocket monsters through tons of fun levels in this incredible puzzle adventure.

● HUNDREDS of rare and powerful Dynamons, level-up and battle!
● SUMMON and build your team with diverse monsters and unique, devastating SKILLS with different elements and dragon, beast, and ancient types.
● BATTLE across a huge beautiful fantasy world to become a Dynamons Legendary Captain
● EVOLVE your Dynamons to legendary and mighty monsters
● COLLECT and catch all the mystic dragons in tons of challenging levels
● UPDATED regularly with new levels, fun events and Dynamons
● FIGHT with your buddies and earn great rewards
● SYNC your game across your devices and never lose your precious Dynamons

The Dynamons™ games have been downloaded and played by millions of users and Dynamons Evolution is the next step in this thrilling franchise. Let’s explore Dynamons Evolution now!

Follow us on Dynamons Evolution's official channels!
Website: http://www.dynamons.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DynamonsEvolution/

Privacy Policy:
Terms and Conditions:

Danse Macabre: The Banshee
Danse Macabre: The Banshee


Can you solve the exciting mystery of "Danse Macabre: Curse of the Banshee Collector's Edition" in time? Use your skills to unravel challenging hidden object puzzles, explore beautiful locations and reveal the truth before it is too late!

Experience the magic of Ireland in this astounding Hidden Object adventure! You and your Irish step-dancing family are performing at a local festival, when your father spots something in the crowd that scares him half to death. He claims it was a Banshee, a legendary spirit that heralds the death of a family member. Could this creature from mythology really exist, or is someone trying to frighten dear old Dad? Put on your dancing shoes and step up to the challenge as you solve spectacular puzzles and mini-games in a quest to uncover the truth!

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Star Man in Space
Star Man in Space


Help Star Man navigate the solar system on his journey to the far reaches of deep space. Use all of the weapons at your disposal to defend against asteroids and enemy UFO's. Go beyond the local star system to discover strange new exotic worlds and alien races.

What are you waiting for? Play the greatest game about Star Man today!

Zombie Plow
Zombie Plow


Drive your vehicle around a map and run over zombies who will try to destroy your vehicle!

In our second game, "Zombie Plow", you are trying to run over zombies with the front of your vehicle in order to get as many points as possible!

Avoid letting the zombies hit the rest of your car, or you will lose!

Have Fun!

Digger Machine 2: new worlds
Digger Machine 2: new worlds


Digger Machine 2 is the new version of the famous arcade game, in which you dig for precious minerals, diamonds and gold. You can build a base, improve your machines with plenty of different upgrades.

In this version you will be able to choose even more machines, dig more minerals and discover new worlds. New traps, monsters and more digging awaits! Each world have a different levels of hardness and a suprice at the end.

If you liked the first version of Digger or games like Motherload just don't wait, this is the perfect game for you!

What you can find:
- 40 new minerals and treasures (gold, diamonds, rubies,...) that can be used for sale and for improving your Diggers,
- 15 new levels, in which you can customise your diggers,
- 7 types of Diggers where every is different!
- a huge underground world where the more you dig, the more traps you encounter
- 14 items that will be useful for you journey
- new clear and beautiful interface
- improved navigation and map: even easier way to find you base, to teleport and many more,
- automatic and online saves!
- puzzles of an animals - become an bones collector!
- mine disarming mini game

This game is the second beta version
Its upgrades will include:
- events and missions
- new worlds
- new diggers and items

Download the game for free !

Visit our official website - http://rapidgs.com
Like us on Facebook - http://facebook.com/diggermachine
Learn more about our games on the blog - http://rapidgs.com/category/blog/

This game includes micro-payments and ads.

Kitty Pop!
Kitty Pop!


Enjoy one line puzzle with kitties!
Connect same types and faces to save cats!

Village was calm and peaceful until the dark came...
Please help the kitties shivering in fear!

1. Connect more than 3 cat puzzles of same types & faces!
2. Get King Cat by dragging more than 7 cat puzzles
3. Touch King Cat to destroy the devil!
4. Challenge for high scores with various skills and fever mode!

- Pay attention to the faces of kitties!
- You can’t connect just by the types of cat puzzles!

Are you ready to rescue baby cats?
Play it now!

- www.monster2ndbranch.com/support.do

- www.monster2ndbranch.com

- https://www.facebook.com/m2b.glo

Ballz Rush
Ballz Rush


Looking for a REAL challenge? Prove your skills in this new addictive game!

Rush and dodge color blocks while escaping an evil horde of red balls!

How long will you last? How far will you go? Play now to find out!

Game features:
• Endless challenge!
• Collect gems to unlock rare BALLZ!
• Play every day to get free rewards!
• Compete against the world to establish the highest score!

Rocket Soccer Derby
Rocket Soccer Derby


This futuristic racing sports game, equips players with demolition derby like boosted vehicles that can be smashed into the soccer ball for amazing action-packed goals. Breathtaking graphics and ultra realistic car physics will test your racing soccer skills to the max!

Rocket Soccer Derby brings you a bunch of cool features including:
- Action-packed car soccer
- Real-time multiplayer (online teams 3 Vs 3)
- Tricks like jumping with your car
- Goal scoring action
- Realistic car damage and deformation
- Detailed car customization
- Smooth car physics
- Earn achievements and level-up
- Amazing graphics

Bubbles Tap
Bubbles Tap


Bubbles Tap is a simple and addictive game. Tap the bubbles and score.

Tower Duel - TD Royale
Tower Duel - TD Royale


Esports on your mobile! Enjoy quick, competitive 5-minute Multiplayer Tower Defense matches, in which you both attack AND defend against REAL opponents online. Come up with insane strategies and build your perfect card deck. Improvise. Adapt. OVERCOME.

Challenge, clash, battle and crush players online in ranked multiplayer live games and climb the Tower Duel leaderboard in order to become a tower defense superstar. The crowded TD stadium is waiting for you! Spotlights are searching for the true heroes - the daring few, the strategic genius. Short and furious games, narrated by the famous Maxx King - the living emoji and narcissistic star of reality TV.

There are dozens of tower and attack unit cards in Tower Duel - collect them, upgrade them, craft the deck that suits your strategy best! No two card decks will ever be the same, due to millions of combinations of card upgrades. Never before has this deep strategic gameplay been packed into such short play time matches.

In the future, there is no war, no crime, no politics. All disputes are solved by Tower Duel matches. Presidents are just PR suits (just like nowadays, really), all military equipment is donated to Maxx Industries and used just for Tower Duel multiplayer matches. The only person in power is the insane TV personality Maxx King who hosts the TD games and his superstars - Tower Duelists, esports legends, and faces on your cereal. Crush, kill and strategize your path up the TD tournament ladders to reach the top in order to become a member of the clan of the super famous.

Join our fun and active Discord chat community, where players are having a real and deep impact on the game design and play tactics. Chat with like-minded TD duelists, explore strategy, plan, scheme, and clash with the brightest minds there are.
► SentinelX: “This game has it all: Rushing, Midgame, Endgame, Turtle, Eco, Spam and on top of that you have to stay on top of the arena to optimize your maze.“
► Xytonion: “The more I play TD the more I get hooked. Nothing beats that Swarm of units and rush at the end of the match.“
► MutateMe: "Pff, I want a rematch. Don't surprise me like that."
► birdip: "sorry first I need to calm down. still trembling.“
► pedrokazz: "I was top 10k in clash royale...I like this game more :)“
► Stan: “I have been waiting for some good amount of time to get a cool and good mobile game for school, and you guys ACED that mark for me.“
►MaxxKing: “Multiplayer tower defense is the future of Esports. Guaranteed.”


• True Esports: Play tower defense against REAL players in REAL time. Because that’s how you really challenge yourself.

• Sweet, short burst multiplayer matches, perfect for a busy day. And long nights.

• Collect a ton of awesome tower and attacker cards, mix and match your decks.

• Create unique towers and attackers with our groundbreaking level up system.

• Learn and analyze your TD skills in an interactive tutorial and with the Replay function.

• Show everyone who’s the hero of tower defense by beating them ALL and climbing leagues. You may be the next TD World Champion.

• Game Balancing is done via an award-winning technology. And sometimes elves.

YouTuber or Streamer?
We are actively developing, supporting, and promoting channel creators, so let us know about yours!

Got any problems or want to help us improve the game?

Our Secret Discord Community:

Our Secret Website:

Secret Email of Maxx King:

We are always happy to hear your feedback!
◆◆◆ The Tower Duel Team ◆◆◆


Tappy Wok
Tappy Wok


Can you become a master of Chinese Cooking?

Play Tappy Wok and find out! Arcade cooking just as addictive as eating orange chicken!

Master classic Chinese dishes! Six dishes are available to start! Another 30 dishes are unlockable via in-app purchase.

Are your fingers fast enough? Can you handle the heat? Then prove it and go for the highest score!


Snow Mountain Ride
Snow Mountain Ride


* Extreme SNOWBOARDING adventure
* High snow mountains for the DOWNHILL
* Amazing snowboard TRICKS

You're a professional mountain snowboarder. Start your winter season right now!

Perform a lot of variations tricks
Avoid numerous obstacles
Collect coins on your way
To win this exciting snow race!



Rise up and play with the Duds on a yellow color road. Make an impossible flip and jump to the lower or higher yellow road.
There are no helix jumps or twisty roads but you will feel like a flying arrow that is not ment for granny.
These toons will blast you out into a not so safe space like a bunch of subway surfers and you will die with a splashy or a ghost pop sound!
These Duds have no idea about the cube and whats inside when you get your power up!
So make a stack jump or doodle jump and show them who can flip the gun on them. This is a smash hit that will take you with bullet force.

And don't worry.

This game is safe for kids.

Burgal's Bounty
Burgal's Bounty


Join the heist! Help Burgal steal money to save his girlfriend, Burgette, from the mob. Direct him through each treacherous puzzle by placing arrows to guide him! Set bombs to blow up obstacles in his way! Defeat epic bosses! Collect money bags to complete each puzzle, coins to unlock extra secret puzzles, and diamonds to buy new costumes!

1. It's an epic retro style puzzle game full of puzzling goodness!

2. Hand drawn artwork

3. Four game modes

4. Over 120 puzzling, epic, and awesome levels!

5. Boss fights!

6. Fully animated cutscenes!

This highly addicting puzzle game is a reimagining of Phat Professional Burglar by Phat Games. With amazing graphics, great sounding music, retro game play, and tons of challenging puzzles, you will be entertained for hours! Don't miss out on the heist of the century with Burgal's Bounty!

Seaport - Build & Prosper!
Seaport - Build & Prosper!


Behold, sailors! No time for relaxing on the beach! Explore, collect & trade. Play the no. 1 port simulation game. Build your port, trade with friends and prosper! YOUR SHIP FLEET AWAITS! Download now for Free!

Something Fishy About That!
Do you have what it takes to develop the biggest sea transport business, manage the most powerful ship fleet and become a wealthy tycoon? Try it now! Get ready for an exciting journey through the history of ships! Expand your ship collection from very basic boats to the high tech titans or warships. Build your own port and enter the world of sea & cargo trade!

* New content every week
* Build up your port
* Themed events every month
* Buy real historic ships
* Finish contracts from famous sailors and explorers
* Trade with your friends
* Explore unknown lands
* Expand and manage your fleet
* Sail uncharted waters and explore new lands

I sea. Ferry Impressive!
Start as a little fishing village, grow it into town and continue building until you become the most prosperous port city in the whole world! Embark on a sea journey through the history of ships from the age of discovery to the modern days.

Relive the history of sailing by collecting real historical ships. Join the famous explorers in their adventures and finish the contracts to obtain special rewards.

Raise new buildings and manage the production of materials. Build a home port of the largest fleet among your friends!

Attracted by the unknown? Discover new destinations that expand your world. Sail the seas and trade with materials and exotic commodities.

Vikings, Pirates, Romans and many more. You will have chance to show the power of your fleet in the new events, starting every month. Enjoy obtaining and trading with a few special commodities, sailing to shipwrecks for amazing rewards and much more!

Water you doing? Do not waste your time and prepare your fleet!
Do you have what it takes to develop the biggest sea transport business, manage the most powerful ship fleet and become a wealthy tycoon? Try it now! Get ready for an exciting journey through the history of ships! Expand your ship collection from very basic boats to the high tech titans or warships. Build your own port and enter the world of sea & cargo trade!

Water you doing? Do not waste your time and prepare your fleet!

Support: https://portal.pixelfederation.com/en/support

Privacy policy: https://portal.pixelfederation.com/en/privacy

Terms of service and end user license agreement (EULA): https://portal.pixelfederation.com/en/eula

Chef Umami
Chef Umami


You are the one and only Chef Umami! Make the most delicious food the world has ever tasted... or at least try to!

Prepare delicious meals for your hungry little customers by using dozens of different ingredients and kitchenware. Fulfill their order in the way they want, or give your meal your own creative spin. With endless food combinations you can experiment with ingredients and create your own unique recipes.

With the AR camera enabled*, you can take photos of your dish in real life and share it with your friends!

Have fun, but be careful... Don’t burn your food!

*Require iOS 10 or higher
*Hardware requirement:
-iPhone 6 or higher
-iPad 4th gen. or higher
-iPad Mini 2 or higher
-iPad Air 2 or higher



Cubical puzzle game with simple beginnings and complex ends.

Move the cubes to their corresponding goals, sometimes the orientation must be just right. Sometimes several cubes move at the same time. Sometimes things gets really tricky.

Replay levels and take your time to come up with the optimal solution or dive into the 16 daily levels fresh from the level generator.

Don't be a square, be a cube.

Cat Condo
Cat Condo


Build your own cat condo and populate them with cute furry feline friends!

Start with a small kitty. Then combine, mix and match your kittens to upgrade them to majestic cats.

Discover and unlock many types of cats. Complete achievements and gain rewards. Watch your condo grow to a big tower which is filled with toys all over.

Become a master kitty collector. Let’s find all the kawaii neko!

Donuts Drift
Donuts Drift


Do the Drift Donuts. Again. And again. And again...

Collect all the Drift Coins to make Perfect Drift and earn extra gas

Upgrade your cars

Pick up the boosts

Drive as far as you can to set an awesome record

Avoid the obstacles

The game will earn you Drift Coins while you are offline

Be the one and only Drift King!

Donuts Drift
Donuts Drift


Do the Drift Donuts. Again. And again. And again...

Collect all the Drift Coins to make Perfect Drift and earn extra gas

Upgrade your cars

Pick up the boosts

Drive as far as you can to set an awesome record

Avoid the obstacles

The game will earn you Drift Coins while you are offline

Be the one and only Drift King!



Welcome to E-Racer, where you race an eraser! Avoid obstacles like walls and ink spills, collect coins to buy new cars, and most importantly, don't get erased.

Steer you car by tapping/holding the left side of the screen to go left and the right side of the screen to go right.

Gap Pop
Gap Pop


= Swipe your finger left and right.
= Avoid Potholes.
= Rush through the Gap.

* Beat your friend's score in Leaderboard.

Cannon Bounce
Cannon Bounce


Shoot and bounce your cannon balls,
At different angles off the walls!

Choose your angle, take your shot,
Avoid the many stumbling blocks.

Use power and angles, full control,
To bounce your ball into the goal!

This item is no longer available. (id:1341044498)
Stick Warrior : Action Game
Stick Warrior : Action Game


Do you like epic fights with plenty of STICKMEN ? If so you'll love STICK WARRIOR, a crazy and fun fighting game with tons of warriors to beat and blast !!! This game has a super simple gameplay, as you just need to tap on the left side or the right side, at the exact and perfect moment to hit opponents coming from both side of the screen, and get a top score, until your death...

You think you can beat the death ? Choose your avatar and weapon and kill all the STICKMAN, if not it is them that will kill you.
Do you have enough reflex and cold blood to survive ?

" Hey buddy, put that in your head: don't stop fighting or you die ! "

Drifting Stars
Drifting Stars


Guide your ship through space in this infinite action-filled space adventure. Dodge the missiles and avoid planets. Strategically use planets to your advantage. Explore and discover new planets.

- Action filled gameplay.
- Beautiful visuals and audio.
- Simple Controls.
- Free to play.

Galaxy Cruisers
Galaxy Cruisers


Tap left and right on the screen to steer the ship in that direction. Collect as much fuel as possible to unlock different ships. All of the ships are better than the other and contain a specific ability. Make sure to avoid the meteors flying in all directions around you. Time your actions, move around carefully, and become the galaxy cruising master!

*** Features ***

Compete against your friends for the highest score!
Tons of unique ships for you to unlock!
Tons of achievements and collectibles for you to enjoy!
Easy to follow gameplay!
High quality sound effects!


Think you are up to the challenge?

Developed by: Sebastian Jolly
Icon by: Icons8
Music: bensound.com


Laser Dome !
Laser Dome !


Touch the screen and start shooting ! Don't let yourself surrounded by your enemies !


Zombie Juizz tap
Zombie Juizz tap


Zombie Juizz is the latest Energy drink! Humans love it: it makes their life so much better!

Build the largest Zombie Juizz factory: (kindly) squeeze zombies to extract their secret juice, speed up your factory process, and bring as many customers as possible!

Remember there are many different Zombie Juizzes, so explore the different strains with their special benefits and effects.


Key features:
• Build the biggest Zombie Energy Drink factories!
• Increase the value of your factory by upgrading your buildings, machinery and transportation
• Unlock new strains of Zombie Juizz
• Tap to catch special Zombies and earn bonuses
• Idle incremental game, with simple and fun gameplay
• Dozens of missions and research items
• Cute 3D graphics and animations

Car Mechanic Simulator 18
Car Mechanic Simulator 18


Find classic cars inside old barns.

Repair engine, brakes, exhaust, gearbox, ​and chassis.

Remove rust, apply putty and paint your car.

Pixel TD
Pixel TD


Begin your journey in a wondrous world full of vicious foes and ludicrous creatures. Use your strategy and resources to build a strong defense and defeat your enemies!

From tiny little mushrooms to indestructible stone giants, everything will try to overpower a reckless adventurer. Prove yourself in the land of Pixel TD!

● More than 15 different achievements testing your skills and abilities.
● Defend your lands building and upgrading towers, adapting to the different types of enemies.
● Use your own unique strategy to repel numerous attacks!
● No internet connection required.

Ball vs Balls
Ball vs Balls


It's challenging and impossible game. This ball game is where beauty meets the hardcore!

Are you tired of annoying low detailed balls games? Then you came to the right place. Try our magnificent ballz game. Being a ball in this world is very hard, ball world can break anyone, and you can check it out in the role of adventure ball. Watch out for bouncing balls! In this ball game enemy balls can bounce, jump, fly around, and there can be idle balls, different color balls and so on. So be careful, because, there’re breaker Balls.

This game is easy to play, but hard to master. We recommend to be patient and pay attention to trajectories of enemy balls.

Your journey goes through 6 different unique worlds. Every world starts with easy levels and become harder gradually.

Awesome artistic graphics and immersive atmosphere, simple and easy controls with more than 75 unique levels, many beautiful soundtracks and all of this for free! No limits to play! Just enjoy the free game.

Free to Play.
Easy and Addictive.
New and interesting game mechanics.
Challenging gameplay.
Top level modern 2D graphics.
6 unique, amazing and atmospheric worlds.
Different cool looking balls for each world.

Feel free to rate and review our game. Your involvement is very important to us, to further improve our product. If you found any mistake or simply have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a feedback for us by contacting our support service.

Wish you Great Adventure!
Challenges Inc. Team

Mad Carnage
Mad Carnage


Mad Carnage is a turn-based strategy game, which requires tactical approach to the challenges it presents. Follow John Carnage in his post-apocalyptic adventure in the world of Mad Carnage, created in collaboration with Evan Currie, a bestselling sci-fi novelist! In the world after the Great War, you will take control of intimidating petrol beasts, each with their own unique weapons and gameplay mechanics. Upgrade your cars, then battle it out in Campaign mode or on one of the 8 Custom Game maps! Invite a friend for local Multiplayer versus!

Trip Hamster: Travel Games
Trip Hamster: Travel Games


The English version of the travel game!
"The world is so big, I want to see it!"
Give your hamster the luggage to go out and wait for it to return.
Your hamster will visit famous scenic spots all over the world and bring back special products and photos as gifts for you!
On the way, it also has the opportunity to meet all kinds of friends.
With the specialty of reception to go back to the hamster friends.
Collect special products and go around the world with your hamsters!

This item is no longer available. (id:1349873078)
Another Space Game
Another Space Game


Space, the final frontier. Or is it?

Tap to jump planet to planet and avoid spikes, shields and enemies. Try to collect as many gems as you can to survive the final space frontier!

Complete missions, unlock dangerous planets and get to the top of the worldwide leaderboard.
Challenge your friends in PvP mode and become champion of the universe.

Only 1% of players can get to 100 points, can you beat this game?


Congrats to all the developers and their teams that released a game or update this week! Also, thank you to everyone that has supported us!! We love your face! #SNAPPFamily

@hashtagNOEN (love always)