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(SNAPP Reviews aren’t really a full fledged game review as much as they are just a way for us to give you a quick “heads-up” on whether a certain game is good or not. It usually means that we haven’t finished the game yet, but have played a good enough chunk to know whether it’s worth your time/money or not.)

Yesterday my 9 year old daughter came up to me and said that she wanted to review a game for SNAPPZILLA. She has been on this huge Ketchapp game bender lately on her iPod Touch (6th gen) and wanted to review the one game she’s really been digging. So, of course, I told her to type up whatever she wanted. Just explain the game and why you like it and I’ll do the rest. I’ve gotta say.

Today, I PROUDLY present you the SNAPP Review of Jelly Jump……..

I am going to be reviewing a game called Jelly Jump. This game was created by Ketchapp. So, the app is where you press play then there will be these two pieces of cement and you have to jump on them before the water gets you. Also, you can get stuck between them and then you cannot not get out! I really like this game. I have only had this app for 3 days and my high score is 20! So, I hope you enjoy and make sure to get the app. bye 👋


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