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Rezzed is a London video games event and is the little sister of EGX. Rezzed has a heavy focus on indie games and devs so perfect for SNAPPZILLA. I headed down to the first day of the 3 day event as a gamer but also wearing my SNAPPHat.

I purposely sought out stands with tablets lying around rather than keyboards and joypads and then preyed they were indies releasing on iOS. With the exception of Gonner, by Ditto, which I had to play on Nintendo’s Switch, I kept it touch based.


The first game I exercised my fingers on is a newly released title called Ruby Rei. The art and the name pulled me over to the Wibbu stand. Ruby Rei is an adventure game with a twist and that twist is language. Yes, it’s a learning game.

It’s extremely unique and I haven’t played anything quite like it before. Visually it’s stunning, great cut scene art and in-game rendered scenes. I was stood there playing for 20 mins straight and picked up lots of Spanish.

The idea is to allow you to learn a language as the game unfolds. It doesn’t try to force you and feels very natural. Currently it’s for English speakers who want to learn Spanish and vice versa. There are plans for other languages of course.

It’s a premium title out now!



I was drawn to the ethereal art of the RUYA poster which is a casual puzzle title due for release this Summer. At it’s core it’s a Match 3 but as the 4 man indie dev team told me they have evolved it to make it stand out from other titles. I played a very enjoyable beta version but there will be more polish over the next few months. Stay tuned to their official Twitter account for updates.

Next up is INOPS. When I sat down to play on the iPAd I couldn’t help but think of Badland. Aesthetically it looks like INOPS was inspired by the hit mobile game but I was so wrapped in their puzzle platformer demo I forgot to ask the devs. My bad 🙂

I never really got into Badland, I had it for ages but had to delete it to make way for all the other games – shame on me I know. I can say I enjoyed what I played and INOPS is due out later this year. Watch the trailer below and tell me in the comments what you think.

I really enjoyed Rezzed this year as I always do and it was made even more fun when I met @snoutUp for the very first time. It’s great meeting the indie devs who bring us so much joy.