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*bleep* A new game just popped up on the SNAPP Radar this week. *bloop* *radar noises*

Crazy Taxi Gaz app logo

So, SEGA has really been hanging on to the Crazy Taxi franchise as of late. Back in 2012 they released the original Crazy Taxi in all its glory on the App Store. Then in 2014 they released the spinoff, Crazy Taxi: City Rush which was kind of a F2P endless driver of sorts. Well, SEGA is at it again. This time with, Crazy Taxi: Gazillionaire. And do you want to take a guess as to what it is? It’s a clicker game!! Yes, you heard that right. CT:G is an actual tappy tap tap clicker game.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of clicker/idle games. There have been a few that have held my attention, but I decided to try this one out mainly because of curiosity. Plus, with all the clicker games that released this week on the App Store, I felt kind of left out.

In CT:G you start off with just one lonely cab and the object is to tap on customers every time they pop up on the map. Finishing cab rides earns you money. The more cab rides you do, the more money you make. You get the idea. Once you earn enough money, you can start buying new cabs and drivers which give you more customers. You can also upgrade your cabs to earn more money per trip. Once you get 4 or 5 cabs going at once, you stay pretty busy tapping on customers.

Crazy Taxi Gaz screenshot 3

Crazy Taxi: Gazillionaire is all about money. The more money you earn, the more cabs you can buy so you can earn even more money. It’s has all the ingredients that you would expect to see in a clicker game, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel like a normal clicker. Crazy Taxi: Gazillionaire is actually pretty fun! You don’t feel like you are mindlessly tapping on the screen like most clickers. You actually have to pay attention to the game. There are also a ton of things that I haven’t even mentioned like, matching drivers to their favorite cars, promotions, upgrading to new cities, scratch tickets. There’s really a lot going on in the game. Plus, I’m happy to tell you that the Offspring are in this game too! “Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya!”

Crazy Taxi Gaz screenshot 1

Crazy Taxi: Gazillionaire is currently soft launched in the Canadian App Store. So, if you’re Canadian or you are “Canadian” *wink* you can download it now.

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