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It’s another week of mobile releases with some real gems shinning through but the question on everyone’s lips is what are we enjoying right now?

Check the list below and let us know in the comments what games are gracing your devices or you can hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #SNAPPwwp

All the games featured are linked at the bottom of the post.


I can’t stop playing MMX Hill Climb and with this week’s update of 2 new tracks there’s even more reason to get involved. I’m also playing Save The Planet which is a great 1 tap casual game and the infamous Chain Quest which features art from A4man who I recently interviewed. A big shout out to the dev team of Chain Chest who sent us some promo codes – we do like it when that happens. There’s a ton more games that I’m yet to try, especially new releases but these 3 games above are taking up all my time.

Oh yeah, before I go, Chain Quest is 33% off for a limited time so check our their gameplay video for a taster.

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@hashtagNOEN Plays

I ended up playing a great deal of Track & Field type games these past couple days so that I could put together the SNAPP Roundup: Olympic Edition, but since then, I’ve been playing The Executive by Riverman Media, again. I’ve been playing a lot of Reigns since it released the other day and the other game that I’ve been playing that surprised me, was Burnout City. That one is definitely fun. Oh, and I just started playing To The Throne so far, so good!

Price: $0.99

Chain Quest
Price: $1.99

Save The Planet
Price: Free+

The Executive
Price: $2.99

Burnout City
Price: Free+

To The Throne
Price: $0.99