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*blip*……..*blip* A new game just popped up on the SNAPP Radar this week. *blip*…….*blip*

The game is called Just Turn Right by Slovakia based indie developer, Verusoft. It’s a simple sounding game on virtual paper. Just drive a car from point A, to point B with one little twist. You guessed it. You can only turn your vehicle to the right. Simple enough right? That’s what I originally though………

Just Turn Right screenshot 3

The game eases you into things pretty nicely. The first couple of levels have you driving on fairly open maps where you only need to make a couple turns and there aren’t any obstacles in the way. Of course, things gradually get tougher the further you go. Once you get to around level 10, things start becoming pretty frustrating (but in a good way).

Just Turn Right screenshot 2

Not only will you be up against some crazy designed maps, you will also have jumps, explosions, and even your wrecked cars from previous attempts. Don’t worry though, there are power-ups to help you out along your way.

Each level is set up with a 3-star system. Meaning, there are 3 stars to pick up in each map. You can still pass the level with only picking up one lonely star, but if you’re wanting to get to the next “gate”, you will need to have all stars collected in the previous maps. Of course, you can buy “keys” via IAP to unlock gates if you are stuck on a couple levels or are just impatient.

Just Turn Right screenshot 1

Just Turn Right is releasing RIGHT around the corner. (See what I did there?) so you won’t have to wait much longer to play it. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it the past couple days. Like I said, it definitely can get frustrating at times, but luckily the turnaround in between attempts is super fast, so the game has that “one more try” factor going for it. Keep an eye out for JTR when it releases on the App Store within the week. For the Android gamers out there, Just Turn Right is out on Google Play……………RIGHT now! (I love plays on words.)

Just Turn Right app logo