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*bleep* *bleep* Looks like the SNAPP Radar is going off again this week. *bloop* *radar sounds*

The Apple acclaimed, “Mad Scientist” that is Colin Lane is at it again with another crazy swingy armed physics game! This one is titled Touchdowners and if you haven’t guessed it yet (I’m talking to you soccer fans!), it’s a football game!

Touchdowners screenshot 2

Touchdowners is very similar to Colin’s other game, Dunkers. But, in the same breath, it’s very different. Yes, it’s a sports game. Yes, it has swingy arms. Yes, you are fighting over a ball. That’s pretty much it. Touchdowners is a whole different ballgame after that. (Pun intended)

Touchdowners screenshot 1

Each game is played 3 on 3 where the object is to get the football into the opponent’s end zone. Like in Dunkers, once the ball drops, it’s pretty much flailing arms and chaos. This time around there are 6 players on the field which adds to the chaos. Basically, just grab the ball and get it to the end zone by any means necessary. It’s just good crazy fun!

Touchdowners screenshot 3

I’ve been playing Touchdowners for a little while now and have been having a blasty blast. So far there are around 10 different teams, a Career Mode, Arcade Mode, and 2 Player Mode. The game is still in it’s infant stages, so there’s work yet to be done, but everything has looked and played flawlessly so far for me. I’m not sure when Touchdowners will be out, but until then, this one should be on everyone’s radar.