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Mini Motor Racing screenshot 1

It’s seems hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since game developer, The Binary Mill released one of my favorite arcade racers to date. But here we are in 2017 and Mini Motor Racing has just received the “Anniversary Edition” treatment.

Mini Motor Racing screenshot 2

The game just had a massive overhaul with updated retina graphics, remastered lighting and effects textures, multiplayer matchmaking services, an all new Championship with new tracks and cars, and of course, iMessage stickers. One last thing, Mini Motor Racing is now universal. So you can get rid of the old HD version of the game if you had it.

Mini Motor Racing screenshot 3

If you haven’t played this one yet, now is the best time to pick it up if any. I’ve been replaying the game since the update went live and it’s like playing the game for the very first time again. I can honestly say now more than ever that Mini Motor Racing is still one of my favorite arcade racers.

Mini Motor Racing
Price: $2.99+