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With our 1 Year “SNAPPiversary” (we’re simply calling it #SNAPPday on social media) coming up on April 14th, we’ve been looking back at all we’ve accomplished these first 11 months. We’ve had some great ideas and some ideas that really didn’t work out…….but, mostly GREAT ideas. I try to tell you guys everything that’s going on with the site and the company as a whole every week in “Coffee & Swiping” because I feel that SNAPPZILLA is just as much yours as it it ours. We want to be a site/channel/company/whatever that you can trust. We think of all of you as family and we hope you think of us that way.


Before we head into this next year. This next glorious SNAPP-filled year, we’d like to know how you, the readers feel we are doing. Whether you are a gamer, a developer, or a handsome male model that just stepped out of the shower and hasn’t even toweled off yet, we would LOVE to hear what you think about us! Do you like the writing style, is it too short/long? Do you like Coffee & Swiping? Is there anything I should be covering in it that I don’t already? Do you want to see a weekly “Update SNAPP Roundup” with all the content updates of the week? Do we have too much/too little reviews? Do we have enough content? Should we focus on YouTube? Why am I asking all these questions?

Anyway, we would just like to hear from you. You can let us know through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even in the Discus comments below. You can also email us at noen@snappzilla.com and deadjam@snappzilla.com if you’d rather keep your comments private.

Here’s to another great year! SNAPPZILLA loves your indie faces!!

@hashtagNOEN (Paul) & @deadjam (James)