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(Coffee & Swiping is a weekly news-y/blogg-y article about the past week’s news/drama in the mobile gaming industry. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

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Goooooooooooooood Morning SNAPP Family!! Welcome to a steamy hot Monday with your’s truly! It’s like 80 degrees here already at SNAPP Headquarters! I’m not liking it at all! Although, I must say, my sweaty body probably looks mighty delicious right now underneath the golden sun. (I swear, I should be a poet!)

Sooooo, I hope everyone had a great weekend. What about my weekend you say? How kind of you to ask. Well, besides the weather being totes hot, I took a HUGE step and decided that I was going to try and give up smoking. Yes, Noen is a dirty smoker. I’ve been one for years. I just rarely talk about it. So, we’re getting all deep together this morning! Anyway, I decided to try the whole vaping scene on Friday and I’m happy to say that I’ve only smoked a handful of cigarettes over the weekend. I’m thinking around 5-7 total and it was mostly just to compare smoking vs vaping. Normally I would have smoked a pack a day roughly, so I’m pretty excited! BIG props go to @Mike_AKD for helping me pick out a kit and show me the ropes on this little journey.

Things like this are the reason why I’m always calling everyone “SNAPP Family”. It honestly is like a real family to me and a lot of others. It’s not just gaming. You figure there are a lot of us all joined together and everyone has different backgrounds, occupations, experiences, etc. So, if you ever have a question or issue, most likely there’s someone in the family that could help you out or guide you in the right direction. Honestly, SNAPPZILLA is like one big family in my opinion. (I feel so close to you guys right now. Somebody please hold me.)

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One more thing (kinda) on the non-gaming list. Just a “heads-up” that I’ll be going on vacation for a week. I’ll be leaving this Friday morning and will be coming back the following Friday/Saturday. Of course I’ll be working while I’m gone, so everything should be pretty normal. The only issues will be the next two SNAPP Roundups due to me being on the road (16 fucking hours!) on both days the Roundup is due. So, most likely, I’ll just post the Roundup on Thursday for the next two weeks and just add to it if any late releases happen. That should be the only issue. I’ll keep everyone posted via twitter if there are any other changes. So, if you live in the Myrtle Beach area, keep your eye out for a very handsome Noen strutting around town!

Alright! Let’s get to some gaming!!

iOS 11 review

There’s been TONS of things going on lately! First off, it’s E3 week! So, expect all kinds of gaming news. I as hoping to be there this yearbut sadly, we aren’t making any money yet. I honestly wish I had more people working for SNAPPZILLA, so we could publish all the news that will be coming out this week. Also, there have been all kinds of previews, sneak peeks, and rumors of iOS 11. Things like the “Top Grossing” section being removed, developers being capped on how many times they can prompt you to leave a review (3 times a year I think), the fact that you don’t have to leave the game to leave a review, and of course, possible issues with incentivized ads in F2P games. I won’t dig into rumors and speculations just yet, but I’m actually pretty excited for iOS 11. I wasn’t very impressed with 10 for some reason. It just felt like a mild upgrade to me. So far, I’ve heard a lot of good stuff from people running the beta though.

snappreleases header

We ended up having a pretty solid week for new releases last week on the App Store. Remember that I post all new releases from the @SNAPPReleases Twitter/Instagram account/s. I stopped retweeting releases on the official SNAPPZILLA account. The new accounts aren’t blowing up with new followers or anything, but it’s mainly just for the SNAPP Family anyway. I will say though, that new followers have kind of slowed down. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that we peaked! Haha. I’m guessing it has a lot to do with me not having any time to promote. So, please, please, please retweet as much as possible. “Likes” are nice and all, but retweets are what get other people to notice us. Also, telling your friend’s mom about us helps a lot! That way she can tell little Jimmy at the dinner table, “I hear there is a new internet program called SNAPPY-DOODLE or something like that. They seem like such handsome fellas. You should probably give them a clicky click next time you’re on your smart telephone.” I’m pretty sure that’s how the conversation would go. Wow!! I’m sorry! This got WAY off topic!!

Download App Store Badge

Like I was trying to say before I rudely interrupted myself, this week ended up being a pretty solid week for new releases. It wasn’t the greatest week, but still had some pretty good games. First off, we had Monument Valley 2 slap us in the balls by surprise. I honestly had no clue MV2 was even in the making. I’ll be honest and tell you that i really haven’t played that much of the game so far. Maybe 8 levels or so? I will say that the game is good, but it almost feels like a V 1.5 vs a full fledged sequel. That’s just me though and like I said, I’m only 8 levels deep. So, maybe things will pick up later on. It’s still worth picking up if you dug the first Monument Valley.

Monument Valley 2
Price: $4.99

Another game that released was Reload: Z Team. This game was featured on the U.S. App Store for a hot minute, but it’s gone as of this morning. Anyway, I have been playing the absolute hell out of this game! It’s honestly nothing but a castle defense style game with zombies, but I seriously can’t stop playing. I will say that it’s a complete grindfest, but that’s honestly why I keep playing. There are certain games where it’s actually fun grinding. Basically, you are defending your base and killing off waves of zombies. Once you get so far, you can completely start the game over while keeping your experience and start off even stronger. Like I said, it’s a lot of grinding, but in a fun way. 

Reload: The Z-Team
Price: Free+

Next up is a game called Future Runner Escape. I wrote up a quick SNAPP Review of it last week, so I won’t say much besides that my thumbs are still hurting!

Future Runner Escape
Price: $0.99

I actually got into a clicker last week too! This one wasn’t a new release. To be honest, I have no clue when I downloaded this game, but I decided to play a little bit of it last week and surprisingly, it’s still on my device! The game is called, Zombidle (by Berzerk Studio). It originally released almost a year ago, so i don’t know how it ended up in my “New Releases” folder, but whatever. It’s pretty much your standard clicker game. Nothing really game-changing. But, the artwork is what really caught my eye for some reason. It’s simple and dark and for some reason, it’s caught my attention for WAY more than 5 minutes. Which is usually how long I last with most clicker/idle games.

(Link still pulls up game.)

Price: Free+

While I’m at it, I really got into Farming Simulator 18 also! (Yea, I know. I was all over the place last week.) I really got into Construction Simulator a month or so ago when that released, so I figured I’d give this a try. It’s just so crazy how in-depth these simulators are. I can see why people really get into them. Call me a nerd when it comes to this, but I like learning stuff. I don’t care what it is. I’ll watch a 90 minute documentary on cheese if I run across it (and I absolutely HATE cheese!). So, it’s pretty cool learning what machines do what when it comes to farming. I found it kind of relaxing. Just chilling in my tractor plowing fields and planting seeds.

Farming Simulator 18
Price: $4.99+

I played a good chunk of Super Space Thugs: Turbo Edition. At first, I really liked the game. It was another castle defense style game, but with aliens. But, once I dug into it, the game just felt hollow to me. Yes, you had to get used to the tilt controls first, but the different ships you unlock were all cosmetic, which just left the game feeling like it needed something more. The overall theme and artwork is pretty cool, but that’s honestly about it. There are plenty of other defense style games with more depth to spend your time on.

Last, but not least. I had the chance to play the beta of the upcoming snowboarding game, Stomped. Ugly Robot has done an awesome job with this game so far. The controls are solid and it’s got a really cool simplistic visual style to it. It almost feels finished to me, so hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer to play it for yourself. I’m only on the third hill so far, so I’ll comment more next week, but i can see this game being a pretty big hit with core gamers.

Stomped screenshot

I’ll leave a couple games out for me to write about this week. There is one game that I’m really digging at the moment that I’m going to leave out for a review. It’s tough because I usually talk about a lot of the games I’m playing in Coffee & Swiping or even in that week’s SNAPP Roundup. So, it doesn’t leave much to review during the week unless we get a surprise release. Luckily there’s always older games, endless runners, and clones to write about. Which reminds me, I haven’t done a “From The Attic” article in a while.

Alrighty then. I think that’s about it for me this week. I think I’ve rambled on long enough. Plus, I’m almost done with my coffee. It was kind of different not actually smoking while drinking my coffee this morning. That usually goes hand in hand for me. Fingers crossed though. So far, so good! Anyway, we have a lot of cool ideas for the near future (well, probably after I get back from vacation), so keep an eye on things here at SNAPPZILLA! Thank you to everyone that has supported us this far. I love you guys!

Have a great week everyone! And remember to keep on swiping………..

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