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(Coffee & Swiping is a weekly news-y/blogg-y article about the past week’s news/drama in the mobile gaming industry. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Coffee & Swiping mug by Nik

Goooooooooooood Morning SNAPP Family!! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your week! Yes, it’s another Monday here at Snappzilla Headquarters. Luckily the weather has cooled down a little here in Michigan. It actually was a perfect week last week weather-wise. Especially for the fireworks. Speaking of. Hopefully everyone in the states had a great 4th of July! We didn’t do much here. Just hung out with family. I’m still doing well with the whole vaping thing. I’m at 1 to 2 cigarettes a day and vaping the rest of the time. I figure that I’ll be completely done with cigarettes by the end of the month. Anyway, enough about me. Time to fire up those coffee makers and grab the hand lotion & tissues. We’ve got a lot to talk about this morning!

This is week two of “The Great One” Laszlo’s new (mobile game themed) sketches. This week it looks like he was inspired by the newly released, BoxHeads by A Small Game! I absolutely love this game still. I did a little SNAPP Review on it last week if you want to peep it. Definitely make sure to give this game some “SNAPP Love”. It’s the absolute definition of what indie games are to me. And holy shit! That soundtrack!

Price: Free+

Noen Avatar by A4man V2What else is new with us you ask? Oh, how kind of you dear sir and/or madam! Well, one thing is that your handsome heartthrob, Noen is having a new avatar created by the infamous indie artist, Adam Foreman/A4man and so far it is looking beautiful! I mean, can you blame it for looking beautiful? I’m one tall drink of water I tell ya! The project should hopefully be complete sometime this week. You can’t rush brilliance though! If you’re wanting something like this done or want to check out his work, follow him at @A4manArtist. He does a lot of cool stuff and of course is part of the fastly growing SNAPP Family!

Alright. That’s about it for SNAPPZILLA news. Now onto the rest of the mobile gaming industry……….

Let’s start with the past week’s news shall we?

Well, with the exception of everyone getting ready for the 32 bit apocalypse coming up (I’ll try not to get into that this morning.), there were still a few nuggets of news this week

Capcom Logo 1

Last week Capcom was supposed to release Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Apparently there was a bug in submission to Apple and it had to be resubmitted. I’m honestly surprised with Capcom being a big player in the industry, that Apple didn’t just push it through somehow. I’m not sure how all that crazy App Store stuff works, so maybe it wasn’t even possible. Regardless, Street Fighter IV: CE is supposed to release this week. So you’ll be able to play “ALLYOUCAN!” (I know. I know. It was a stretch.)

iPhone 1st gen

The iPhone just celebrated its 10th birthday. The original iPhone first launched on June 29th of 2007. Granted, it really didn’t start taking off until a year later when the App Store opened up. Shit. I can’t even remember what phone I had back then. I’m thinking it was the Verizon V or something like that? It slid and flipped open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. I thought I was pretty hip with that thing! I really didn’t jump on the iPhone bandwagon until the iPhone 3G released. I strayed one time during the iPhone 4 era and got the Samsung Galaxy S2 and went right back to the iPhone 5 shortly after. I will say that I’ve been on the iPod Touch and iPad bandwagon since both first debuted. So, I never really had a point in my life without the App Store. Later on I did end up adding Android back into my life with the Nvidia SHIELD. Anyway, how did this become a history lesson on me? Happy Birthday iPhone!

Speaking of anniversaries. The Binary Mill updated one of my favorite arcade racers of all time last week with Mini Motor Racing: Anniversary Edition. The game is 5 years old (which is ancient by mobile standards) and after the recent rehaul, looks every bit as good as the current games. Besides the new facelift, the game received a whole new championship, new tracks, cars and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve actually started the game over and have been playing the hell out of it lately. It’s honestly one of the best arcade racers on the App Store. Maybe I’ll do a “From The Attic” review on it this week if you’re still on the fence.

Mini Motor Racing
Price: $2.99+

Another one that got a pretty major update was Bomb Hunters by Craneballs. Even though the game was already great, Craneballs added new enemies, new suits, daily bonuses, a new joystick, iMessage stickers (that’s happening in a lot of updates now), and of course, bug fixes.

Bomb Hunters
Price: Free+

Final bit of news as far as updates go. Indie game, Soul Knight (by Zeyang Li) got an absolutely huge update with a new 2 player co-op mode, 15 new weapons including the “floating gun”, and a TON of fixes and enhancements. It plays like a whole new game now.

Soul Knight
Price: Free+

Alright. Last, but not least. Let’s dip into last week’s new releases on the App Store.

If you haven’t picked up Apple’s Free Game of the Week, you definitely should. It’s Ridge Racer Slipstream and is a pretty solid arcade racer if I do say so myself!

It was another pretty solid week for new releases. (You can check out last week’s SNAPP Roundup for the full list.) Congrats to all the developers that got featured this week. Luckily there weren’t a bunch of big budget AAA games that released, so a lot of great indie games got showcased. I played a good chunk of this week’s games over the weekend and although there were a couple bad ones, most were really good!

Traffic Panic: Boom Town is pretty fun. It’s kind of a mixture of city building and traffic control. Of course, it’s F2P, so you’ll have to deal with some timers and random pick-ups, but it’s still s lot of fun.

I played a lot of Mini DAYZ during its soft launch, but I started over with the final version and it’s pretty damn good! It’s a survival game with tons of depth and pixelated zombies. It definitely can get tough at times though.

Kraken Land is a 3D platformer that surprised the hell out of me. I almost didn’t download it due to it kind of looking generic. It’s a really solid platformer with a ton of unique ideas. Don’t let the screenshots fool ya!

Armored Kitten is a blasty blast. What’s not to like about a kitten blowing holes in aliens. There’s tons of weapons, tons of gear, and of course, tons of blood. It’s just an all around fun shooter.

Armored Kitten
Price: Free+

One game that left me a little on the fence was Look Right Agency. I actually had some high hopes for this one. It’s a text-based game with some cool ideas behind it. It had a full cast of people behind it and at times  you had to actually check character’s Facebook page and/or the the game’s website for clues. It had a real “Her Story” vibe to it. Unfortunately, the game started to drag out and I started to lose interest. I haven’t finished the game yet, so hopefully things pick up a bit. You can check out the first 2 chapters for free if you don’t want to wait for me to finish it.

Alright! That concludes our journey into last week. Of course, there was a ton more that I’d love to talk about, but I know it’s Monday and the last thing you guys want to do is read a short story. These articles are long enough as it is. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week! Make sure to hit me up on email or social media if you have and questions, ideas, or just want to tell me how horrible (yet sexy) I am. Keep it stiff everyone and remember to keep on swiping………

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