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(Coffee & Swiping is a weekly news-y/blogg-y article about the past week’s news/drama in the mobile gaming industry. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

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Gooooood Morning SNAPP Family!! Welcome to another action-packed, show-stopping, heart-pounding, pelvic-thrusting Coffee & Swiping with your best friend forever, Noen.

Well, It’s been another fantabulous week in the mobile gaming industry. I’m sure I’ll find lots to talk about. As for SNAPPZILLA and myself, it was another solid week. Readership is going up and we’ve received a bunch of new followers on social mmedia. (If you are new here, hello and welcome to the family!) This wouldn’t be possible without all of you. I swear, we have the best family. You guys are awesome!

So, I started recording a lot last week for our YouTube channel. I want to have a gameplay video for every review put out. I also started up a new “show” on YouTube called “5NAPP” or “The SNAPP 5”. I recorded the whole thing (one take because my editing is shitty right now), but I didn’t end up publishing it. I didn’t like it for some reason. Mainly because I had my face in the corner. I just felt like the “show” would be a little better with only audio commentary. I didn’t want my handsome face taking away from the games themselves. (To be honest, the lighting was awful and there was no way I was putting it out.) I really need to get a couple of those umbrella lighting setups, but they are kind of expensive. So, video will have to wait I think. So, I should hopefully have a new 5NAPP video up this week.

5NAPP logo

That’s about it for the SNAPPZILLA news. I won’t recap everything that was published last week. James is still taking care of his newborn, but I’ve been holding it down and working my ass off to put out quite a bit of content. So, just make sure to check the site daily for new stuff. As for myself, I’m still doing good on the whole quitting smoking/vaping thing. I’m still only smoking around 1 to 2 cigarettes a day. I’m pretty much done with it though. I’m getting to the point where I don’t like the smell, taste, etc of cigarettes at all. So, yay me!!

Forza Horizon 3

Oh, I did do some console gaming last week. It gets tougher and tougher to play on my consoles with how big SNAPPZILLA has gotten. I still play as much as I can though. This week I played another chunk of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 and I finally started up Forza Horizon 3 on XboxOne. I absolutely love racing games. I tweeted about it earlier in the week, but I’ll say it again. Xbox Live is so confusing compared to PlayStation Network. I love both consoles, but man, Xbox Live used to be awesome on the 360. I don’t know what the hell happened?

Anyway, enough of all that. I’m sure you don’t want to hear me rant about consoles. Let’s get back to the mobile gaming industry.

Cat Quest

There wasn’t a whole lot of huge news last week. We had Gentlebros Games finally announce a release date for their upcoming game, Cat Quest with a brief 15 second trailer. (Psst! It’s releasing August 10th!)

Hover Cruise

Developer, Oddrok announced last week that they are releasing a spinoff to last year’s game, Power Hover. This one is titled, Power Hover: Cruise and from the trailer, looks to be more of an endless hoverer instead of level based like the last one. This one will also be released on August 10th. So, we know there are at least two great games releasing that day! I loved Power Hover and still play it from time to time, so I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

Mr Jump S

Last announcement (that I know of) is from developer, 1 Button. They are releasing a sequel to their 2015 hit, Mr. Jump. This one will be titled simply, Mr. Jump S and looks to be more of the same thing (which is never a bad thing). I for one was HORRIBLE at Mr. Jump, but that definitely won’t stop me from checking this one out when it releases this week!

Now, let’s get into last week’s new releases shall we?

App Store pic

Of course, it was another great week on the App Store. With so many games releasing practically everyday, it’s pretty hard to end up with a bunk week. For starters, we had the excellent indie game, illi as Apple’s Free App of the Week, then we had Street Fighter IV: Championship Edition and Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 release for the people who like their games AAA style. But, what’s most important are all the great indies that released. Games like, HACKRIS, Resynth, Na4, and a ton more. I got around to as many games that I could throughout the week (Believe me, it was a LOT!). Here’s a few games that left a (good or bad) taste in my mouth from the week. As usual, I’ll leave a few out so I have something to review this week.

Of course, I had to try out Street Fighter IV: Championship Edition (CAPCOM). I grew up playing these games and just as I did back then, I still suck at them. Granted, it’s tough trying to pull off combos and button-mash with the virtual stick and buttons. It’s a little better playing with an MFI controller if you have one. My biggest issue was that the game looked like shit. I’m sorry. I really hate putting down other people’s work, but come on! It was the exact same game that released like 4 years ago. I honestly didn’t see a whole hell of a lot changed since the last Street Fighter I played on mobile. It played well, but was a jaggy mess!

Street Fighter IV CE
Price: $4.99

Next game is Samurai Aces (APXSOFT). Now, I’ve never played the original. This is apparently a remake. All that I know is that I really like this shmup. It controls excellent and I absolutely love the art style. It has some of the craziest looking bosses I’ve seen. My only issue is that most of the ships are locked behind the premium currency. I don’t mind spending money on games, but I don’t like spending money on objects in games. Other than that, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into shmups.

Let’s see. Next one at bat is Knights Fall (CARBON EYED). This one is like a weird mashup of an action/adventure/rpg and Plinko. It’s totally unique and awesome as hell. The game mechanics are pretty simple at first, but once you get past the 18th chapter or so, you really have to start strategizing. I’m not sure how fun it would be on an iPhone. I’m playing on the iPad and the characters are pretty small on that. I’d still give it a try though. There’s not much like it on the App Store.

Knights Fall
Price: Free+

Ok. I still don’t the whole “clicker game” phenomenon, but every week there’s more and more and every week I end up finding myself getting into one. The one I got myself hooked on is called, Knights of Dungeon (Ryogo Oka). It’s a really cool dungeon crawler wrapped into a clicker. The one thing that’s cool is that it’s not just mindless tapping. You also have to block attacks and cast spells. I mean it’s still a clicker at heart, but I like that it’s doing a little something different.

Blade of Dungeon
Price: Free

Eh, for the hell of it, I’ll throw in this other clicker I played. It’s called, Idle Space (Coldfire Games). This one is a shmup clicker that is beautiful to look at and has a decent story, but for some reason it didn’t hook me. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time. If you’re into clickers, I’d definitely give it a try though.

Idle Space Clicker
Price: Free+

Last, but not least is Play Or Die (Pixelgate Studio). This game still has my damn thumbs sore! It’s like a Space Invaders game where you are a DJ and your job is to fling records/LPs at oncoming enemies. It’s fun as hell and there are some really funny enemies you are up against, but after a couple minutes of constant flinging, my thumbs were starting to give. I was hitting pause just to rest my handsome hands! Definitely worth the download and should really be this week’s SNAPP Challenge!

Play Or Die
Price: Free+

Alright. That’s about it for me this morning. This C&S went a little longer than I expected. I’m sure most of you stopped reading a few paragraphs ago. (Just for shits & giggles, If you are actually still reading this, tweet/comment/message me the word “pickle”.) I hope everyone has a great rest of their week! Keep it stiff and remember to keep on swiping…….

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