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(Coffee & Swiping is a weekly news-y/blogg-y article about the past week’s news/drama in the mobile gaming industry. It’s basically an excuse for Noen to ramble on about anything and everything that has to do with nothing.)

Goooooood Morning SNAPP Family! Welcome to another Monday morning…….well, It’s Monday morning as I’m typing this.

Coffee & Swiping mug by Nik

Ugh, fuck. I have no clue what the hell to write in Coffee & Swiping anymore. Some days I want to cover the news and drama in the industry over the week, and other days, I want to just make it a blog about the games I’ve played. Regardless, I’ll try and keep things short. Eventually, I’d like to just put all of this on YouTube or a podcast, but with the stuff that happened last week, it kind of threw everything off for me. It’s a new week now, so I should be back on track now.

Just a quick couple of things before I get into last week’s games. First, I had a chance to virtually sit down with Tara and Oren from Punk Labs for an Indieview last week. So, make sure to check that out if you haven’t yet. Second thing is that we have a new SNAPPlogo on the site! This one is by indie developer, Oleg Beresnev to celebrate his new game, Flippy Knife. I’ve just gotta say that we are pretty damn close to 100% when it comes to games getting featured when they have a SNAPPlogo of the game up. It’s pretty crazy. I don’t know if someone from Apple has an eye on us, or that we just have a good eye for games (or it’s just pure coincidence). Either way, it’s pretty cool!


Alright, enough bragging about us (Psst! Our readership has still been constantly going up! Shh!). Let’s get into the games I’ve been playing the past 7 days.

I’ve been all over the place lately with the games I’ve been playing. Per usual, the App Store dumped a ton of new games on us last Thursday, so I’ve been playing a lot of those games. Plus, there’s been a bunch of soft launched games I’ve been messing around with like Star Wars Rivals, Car Town Racing, Mighty Quest, and South Park: Phone Destroyer. To be honest, Mighty Quest is the only one I’ve really been enjoying. Star Wars Rivals is kind of fun, but fuck! This F2P shit kills me sometimes! Random drops, forging, energy systems, etc. It just gets tiring sometimes. Sorry. Here I go rambling again. I’m supposed to keep things short.

Damnit! Alright. Onto some of the games that have been taking up all of my spare time…..

Pigeon Wings. Oh my god, Pigeon Wings. This is one of those games that is really fun, but makes me want to throw my phone through the fucking window at the same time. I love everything about the game, but it’s just so damn fast at times!! Regardless, it’s definitely worth picking up if you haven’t yet. I does get easier the more you play.

Pigeon Wings
Price: $1.99

Next up is Bacon May Die by good old Aur from SnoutUp Games. I swear. I absolutely love every game put out by Aur. And he doesn’t disappoint with BMD. It’s almost relaxing while you’re swiping away and tapping……killing every pig in sight. It definitely gets the stamp of approval from me.

One game that I didn’t expect to like was Coco Crab by Bloop Games. It’s honestly just another high score chaser, but it’s done very well. I would have liked to see a little more variation and some extra power-ups, but it’s still pretty damn fun for what it is.

Coco Crab
Price: Free+

I spent an embarrassing amount of time on Wheelie Racing over the weekend. The game actually released 2 weeks ago, but I really started digging into it this past week. I’m honestly embarrassed at how much I grinded just to get one of the motorcycles in the game. I actually played a couple runs when I got up this morning.

Wheelie Racing
Price: Free+

I finally started digging into Time Crash by 8SEC last week. It’s kind of a first person view runner game. It’s a well done game, but for some reason, I’m just not loving it. Something just seems to be missing for me. It looks like I still have a ways to go, so maybe my feelings will change. I’ll try and do a write up on it once I finish the game.

Time Crash
Price: $2.99

Alright. That’s about it for me this week. I’ll cut it a little short with the games I’ve played since I rambled on a little bit this morning. Like I said, I’m still trying to figure out what the hell to cover on C&S and still keep it short. So, forgive me if this week feels a little all over the place. Anyway, keep it stiff everyone and remember to keep on swiping………..