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For 9 years, the App Store has been under attack. The attack has been so bad that Apple has looked the other way most of the time. Sometimes it’s better to ignore it than fight. The enemy’s strength relies on its numbers. Some weeks it’s hard to make out the true heroes of the App Store due to the endless onslaught.

Scam meme

The enemy that we are up against is The Clones. Yes, you heard me correctly. I’m talking about the blatant ripoffs, the quick cash-grabs, the scams, the copycats. The ones that want to make money off of others hard work. The ones that don’t have any passion for the industry and is only out for one thing……your money.

Attack of the Clones feature update 2 7/28/17

We battled it out all of last year and some of this year with “Attack of the Clones”. We thought we had them beat, but they only came back stronger and in larger numbers.

Scam meme

So, we are heading back to the battlefield once again for the sequel and calling them out anytime we see them. We will be prepared this time around. The SNAPP Family has also grown in numbers. So, if you ever run across the enemy while you’re in the App Store, I urge you to make contact and to let us know immediately.

Clone inspiration meme

So, anytime we find one of these “games”, we will post them right here where they belong. So check back regularly.

The struggle is real. This is, “Clone Wars: The Mobile Menace”.


Lets start off with this little diddy that I found yesterday (at the time of this writing). This one is just sad. Everyone knows cars don’t belong in the jungle! Also, this game doesn’t belong on the App Store.

CW Temple car run

This one seems to be heavily “inspired” by Zeptolab’s, Cut the Rope series. They could have changes things up a little so it didn’t look that blatant. You know, replace the candy with pork chops or something….anything.

CW Feed the Candy

This one is a little ridiculous. They just copy/pasted screenshots of Damp Gnat’s game, Wunderputt and called it a day. Job well done guys. Job well done.

CW Rolling Ball

This one is pretty gross. It’s basically a generic slots game, but instead of putting in just a little bit of work and thinking up a title for it, they just smashed together two well known mobile game titles (MMX Hill Climb and Crossy Road) and put the word, “SLOTS” at the end. Unfortunately, this is a common practice by scammers.

CW MMX Slots

I almost wasn’t going to put this one in at first. It’s tough at times determining whether a game is a clone or just a bad game. I don’t want to put people’s honest work down. But after digging a little further, it’s just a Pac-Man ripoff. Not to mention the use of the word “Clash” in the title. Gotta get them keywords in!!

CW Cowboy Puzzle Clash

Next up, we have yet ANOTHER Bowmasters clone. I posted some of these in Attack of the Clones. This is the first one I’ve seen in awhile though. The gameplay  seems different from Bomasters, but the artwork is a definite copy. SHAME SHAME!

CW The Bowmaster Archery Bowman

This one made me laugh. It’s not a clone! The character’s name is “Bonic”! That’s original right?? RIGHT?? Let’s just not mention the artwork and assets that were completely ripped from SEGA. Nothing to see here! It’s just a legit racing game about Bonic the Pledgehog.

CW Sonic Speed Car Racing

Oh boy, this one is pretty bad. The artwork from the game, Big Hunter was completely ripped from it and used in this “thing”.

Ok, there are so many of these “games” on the App Store that I could create it’s own shitty clone article. Any parents who have kids who play mobile games will know exactly what I’m talking about with these piece of shit games. Basically the developers just rip or remake popular   kids show characters and throw them into a half assed game with a ton ads and expensive IAPs in hopes the kids accidentally click them.

This one is a total rip of the game, Flight! by Armor Games. The entire game is copied.

This one should look familiar. It’s the artwork from the game, Amigo Pancho. They couldn’t even come up with an interesting title either. Sad.

This one is just a shitty game with the app icon stolen from the game, Cognition. It’s not as bad as others, but still stolen work.

Just in time for the holidays!! Alright, there are at least 5 to 10 HCR clones that release everyday when I check the App Store. So I’m just going to put this one in here as the poster-child for the whole group. Again,it’s all about keyword, fuck what the game is like I guess.

Theres a ton of these clones on the App Store, but this one is the most recent and probably the most blatant.

These ones come up a lot too. Some are unique in their own way, but most are just straight up Minecraft clones.

Here we have a game that just released that is a TOTAL ripoff of Zombie Derby 1 and 2 by HeroCraft.

Well, riding the whole Trump bandwagon that’s going on in the states right now is a shitty ripoff of the Mega Man series. There character assets are completely ripped it looks like. Not to mention, THIS GAME IS ONLY FOR REPUBLICANS! So back off liberals!

Here we have another newly released game that is a bullshit ripoff of Drag n’ Boom by Ankama. I always say, you know you’ve made it big when you start getting cloned!

(This is an ongoing article. So, check back regularly.)

Clone Wars image 2


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