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AOTC Send in the clones meme

So, last year Apple decided to change up their review process for new apps and games to make it an easier process for developers. I’m not sure exactly how the process was changed, but it used to be an average of 8 days for the whole review process. So, that means it took roughly 8 days for the game or app to to leave the developers hand and reach the masses on the App Store. Now, it’s an average of 2 days. (Depending on who you know or who you are.)

AOTC Scammers meme

Ever since the change, the App Store has been FLOODED with (I hate to say it) junk. Anything and everything seems to pass through review. It makes me …..wonder if the real reason for the change in the process was a numbers thing. Just an easier way to get as many apps on the App Store as possible just to boast that they have X amount of apps on the App Store. Go ahead and search for any game you can think of and literally dozens of fakes and clones will pop up before the game you’re actually looking for does. It’s crazy!

Those of you who have been around the App Store for awhile will remember the time when there was like an alphabetical order for games in the search engine. So, every crappy game had “Aaaaaaaaa” in front of the title in order to try and be first in a search. That’s what it feels like today. Like some developers/publishers don’t care about making an actual good game, only about showing up first in a search. So, if a certain game is popular at the moment, you have 50 other games with that game’s name somehow in the title.

Copycat meme 2

I am on the App Store several times a day looking for new releases or hidden gems and it’s getting tougher and tougher to find anything with all these clones, cash-grabs, and crap all over the place. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not cutting down anybody’s work. That’s the last thing I’d do. Most of these games are blatant ripoffs of other games or broken games with a couple fancy screenshots and a well known name in the title. Just ways for people to make a quick buck on unsuspecting customers.

To be honest, most of these games actually make me laugh with how “in your face” they are. Some of the titles of the games are down right hilarious. I see these “games” everyday while searching the App Store, a lot of them eventually get pulled, but I thought it would be kind of fun to add some of my favorites anytime I find one. I guess it’ll be an ongoing kind of like the “Endless Review of Endless Runners” article that I do. Call it a “Hall of Shame” if you will, but it’s more of a light hearted (and somewhat annoying) thing to me. Like I said, I’m not putting anyone or their work down. I’m just simply getting entertainment out of their sketchyness. So, without further ado, I give you a new ongoing piece, Attack of the Clones………..

AOTC cash grab meme



There were a ton of these popping up the day Hill Climb Racing 2 released. The whole “UPDATED VERSION” thing has popped up on several different games.

AOTC hill climb 3

When in doubt, just add a bunch of popular keywords to your game’s title.

AOTC Crossy Tiny Bird

I went out on a limb and didn’t even fact check this one. I’m pretty sure Hello Games didn’t give consent to this one.


This one is pretty blatant. Not only is the title close to the original Subway Surfers game, but the artwork is pretty “inspired”.

AOTC Subway Surf

You see this a lot too. The title is close to the original game and the app icon is copied and the negative is used. Oh, and “BMX” is taken off the guy’s hat.


This is a pretty good one. Not only is it made to look like the sequel to MMX, but the first screenshot is completely ripped off from the original. As you can see by the second screenshot, the game is NOTHING like what it’s claiming to be. Gotta love it!


This one isn’t TOO bad. The game seems original, but the logo for the game is ripped off of the Driver series from Ubisoft. (I think I might be being a little picky on this one.)

AOTC Driver Madness

I’ve seen this one pop up on several occasions. Sky Force is used quite often in game titles. Just the date at the end is changed. I’ve actually played the same game under a totally different name.

AOTC Sky Force Battle 2017

Gotta love this one! Not much else I can really say. The title says it all. What’s sad is that from the screenshots, it actually looks like a halfway ok endless runner.

AOTC Pet Subway Surfers

Here’s another with the same Pumped BMX app icon. Although, they added “CLIMB” to his hat and put the beautiful FREE banner in the corner. Then, there’s the fact that the first screenshot is from Trials Frontier. Seriously.

AOTC Top Climb Racing Game

This one is pretty plain. I almost didn’t even publish it, but the fact that it’s a standard Solitaire game with the word DragonVale (which is a totally different style of game) in the title made it make the list.

AOTC DragonVale Solitaire

Here’s another “Solitaire game that released at the same time by the same people. I think I see a pattern.

AOTC Zombie Solitaire

This game is one of MANY that use the typical “insert whatever is popular at the moment” in the title. The same thing happened with the word “Flappy” a year or so ago. Now, everyone is putting “.io” after everything.

AOTC Rolling Paper Ball.IO

Ok. This one isn’t a clone at all. I just wanted to ask if we could stop putting the word “Trump” in every game title?? No matter which side you’re on, it’s just getting old. (Psst! I don’t thing this is the first strategy war game on iOS. Shh!)

AOTC Trump Tank

In this one, the game itself doesn’t look too bad, but of course they have to ruin it by riding on the coat tails of Breakout Ninja. I guess you know you’ve “made it” on the App Store when people start stealing your app icon and title.

AOTC Ninja Crazy Breakout

This one doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation. This isn’t the first time the popular game, Fruit Ninja has been cloned and I’m SURE it won’t be the last.

AOTC Fruit Slicing

This one is another classic case of a developer making the app logo very similar to a popular game and also putting the name in the title in order to drive downloads. It’s a shame, because the actual game doesn’t look half bad…….if the screenshots are from the actual game.

AOTC Smash Road

Again, when in doubt, just throw a bunch of popular keywords in the title. Oh, and steal the app icon and character from a popular game and use it as your own.


You KNOW you’ve “made it” when someone tries to ride the coattails of your new indie game. Congrats OkidokiCo!


Is this a completely different game because not only does the chameleon run, but it also SWINGS! That’s originality there!

AOTC Chameleon Run Swing

I don’t even know what the hell this game is. All I know is that the app icon and screenshots are ripped from RAMBOAT by Genera Mobile.

AOTC Raft Survivor

Theresa’s only been Snail Bob and Snail Bob 2 that ever released on the App Store. These guys said, eff it! and went ahead and jumped right to number 5 and then threw the word “super” in front of it. Shame shame.

AOTC Snail Bob

I really like this one. It’s a half-assed clone of Thumb Drift by SMG Studio, but the title claims to be the “real” Thumb Car Drift?

AOTC The Real Thumb Drift

With this one, the developers gave absolutely zero fucks about stealing. Hell, they stole two different game’s titles and threw them together and added a couple numbers. The shit doesn’t even sound right. Rival Gears Racing 2: Highway Traffic Rider 3. I mean WTF? Not to mention, they stole the app icon from Rival Gears and threw in the Top Gear logo for good measure. ZERO fucks!

AOTC Rival Gears Racing 2

This one is just another example of making an app logo VERY similar to a popular game on the App Store in hopes that people will mistaken it for the real thing. Hell, they even put Bowmasters in the title!!

AOTC Bowmasters

This one is just sad……

AOTC Chest Clash

I’ve gotta give props for this game actually looking original. Wait, is that a fucking knock-off Gameloft logo in the bottom right corner??

AOTC zero gravity

This is flat out just a copy/paste of Noodlecake’s logo and game title. How does this shit get past the review process?

AOTC Leap Off

Might as well kick Noodlecake while they’re down right now. At least the developers took the words, “super” and “man” out of Super Stickman Golf. So, it’s kind of original right? They only stole the artwork and theme of the game.

AOTC stick golf

Like I said, this is another ongoing article. I will add new ones anytime I run across them.  Keep an eye on SNAPPZILLA for updates. Oh, and remember, if you like what we do here, don’t be too shy to tickle that donate link below. It all goes to helping with cost of games and bills for the site. So, anything is appreciated! –hN