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About us

SNAPPZILLA is a mobile gaming site dedicated to iOS reviews and news.

Born in the first light of 2016 by seasoned gamers @hashtagNOEN and @DEADJAM join them as they play as many mobile games as possible before their fingers drop off.

They have over 50+ years of gaming experience, so you could say that they have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to enjoying a game.

“By gamers, for gamers!”

That’s our motto. So what does this mean? Well it means your game is safe in our hands. We play the games before reviewing and awarding a rating.  Of course not all games are created equal. Some casual games only require a short amount of play time to find out how they tick, or reveal the core mechanics and so on. So we will apply common sense or ask the dev when allocating time to play the games.

The world moves pretty fast and in mobile it’s lightning fast, so to keep up with all the great content we will often post a ‘SNAPP Review’ which is our first impressions and gives you a quick summary of what to expect.

So who are these two gamers?

Hi. My name is NOEN

First off, if you are reading this right now, I just want to say “Thank You”. With all the media outlets in the world, you chose ours and it means a lot to us.

Let’s take a journey into the mind of Noen, shall we?

My real name is Paul, but I’ve been going by the name, “Noen” for the past 15 years or so. (That’s a whole other story on where the name originated. Don’t worry. It’s not that exciting.) I grew up and still reside in the Metro Detroit Area in Michigan. Both of my parents were gamers and still are for the most part, so I fell in love with video game and the industry as soon as my little Noen hands could hold on to an Atari controller. Having parents that played video games meant that we had every new console when it released. I still have all my consoles hooked up in my game room to this day. I had my first taste of mobile gaming with the Nokia N-Gage, but that was a mess. I really got into it when I got my iPhone 3G. As soon as I played my fist couple games, I knew I was hooked. I could actually play video games when I wasn’t home without dragging a bunch of stuff with me. My phone was always with me. It started out as a device to play games on while I was away from my consoles. Now I’m playing mobile games more than console games.

I’ve always considered playing video games more of a passion rather than a hobby. I’ve ate, slept, and breathed games my whole life. If I wasn’t playing video games, I was reading about them. I’ve studied everything I could about the industry. Like I said, it’s more of a passion for me.

I finally decided last year that I was going to write about games and the video game industry. I’ve watched great games get overlooked in an over saturated mobile market. I’ve seen great game developers leave the platform because they couldn’t get their game noticed. These reasons are why we created SNAPPZILLA. This will be a site that will give attention to the lesser know games in the dark corners of the App Store. A site that will focus on indie developers and their games. With actual “gamers” that write the reviews. People that have a passion for the art and the industry.

Hi. My name is James Bolton and I’m a Gamer.

I’ve had this problem since the late 80’s when games were on cassette tapes! Yes, that was a real thing.

Fast forward 30 years and I’m now playing games on mobile. You could say I was a hardcore mobile gamer. The Play Station 1 was the last console I bought back in the day and so I went on an unconscious sabbatical from games for 6 years.

When the AppStore launched, that all changed.

I’ve been actively playing iOS games for over 5 years now and I even released my own game in February 2015 after assembling a small team to do the code, art and music. You can view the trailer here.

So I know firsthand how hard it is to try and get noticed in a sea of games released daily. Of course, good marketing, a strong social presence and dev blog all aid the fight to try and get your game into the player’s hand. But there is something else of course, sites like this.

Getting Featured on the AppStore is a sure fire way to get noticed. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee commercial success but it certainly helps. I also believe that even without a Feature there’s room for good games to do well. They need a voice of course. A platform that helps deliver their message.

This is one of the core reasons why NOEN and I created SNAPPZILLA – an iOS game review site by gamers for gamers with a strong focus on Indie titles.