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We made it everyone! The work week is over! You know what that means? IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! Time to get out the hand lotion and “back massager” and play some vidya gamez!

We had another good week for new games on the App Store. Actually, a REALLY good week! With games like the re-release of Rolando, RustyPop, Photographs, and Cultist Simulator, it was really tough picking just one game this week. All these nice juicy succulent premium games and I couldn’t help but keep going back to a F2P game. A F2P game that had me so mad at times that I wanted to chuck my phone into the nearest river (or toilet). That game is Marginalia Hero by Crescent Moon.

I wrote a quick SNAPP Review of the game earlier this week, so I won’t get into too much detail.

Marginalia Hero is a simple, yet odd reaction-based game set in medieval times. You play as a young warrior that’s fighting off waves of some of the weirdest characters I’ve seen in a game. The visuals are the first thing that pop out at you. They look just like some of the crazy medieval art that you only see in history books. The game itself is just testing your reflexes, but it changes up enough to keep itself from getting stale. There’s also tons of weapons and gear to customize and upgrade to help you out along your way. Marginalia Hero will make you hate yourself at times, but for some reason it’s a hell of a lot of fun. That’s why it’s this week’s Game Of The Week at SNAPPZILLA!

Marginalia Hero
Price: Free+

Marginalia Hero is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!

@hashtagNOEN (hating myself over a game)