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We made it everyone! The work week is finally over (for some). So, I guess there’s nothing left to say except……….IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to rub chocolate syrup on our thighs and play some vidya gamez!!

We had another solid week for new games on the App Store. Games like Cure Hunters, Good Pirate, and and Zombie Takedown have been keeping me busy here at SNAPP Headquarters. There’s something kind of fun with 111%’s new game, Earth-808 too. Of course, there has been one game that I can’t stop going back to this week. One game that is so much fun that it earns that coveted GOTW spot. That game is Game of Gods by Foursaken Media!

I wrote up a quick SNAPP Review of this game already this week, so I’ll try not to repeat myself too much. Game of Gods is a 3D castle defense style game where you play the role of a god. You have the choice to be good or evil depending on how you play. As I said in the review, there is so much packed into this game. Tons of spells to unlock and upgrade, worshippers and champions to collect, a fairly large single player campaign, and even multiplayer. Foursaken did an excellent job on this game. The visuals are absolutely beautiful, the controls are easy to use, and the soundtrack sounds powerful when used with headphones. I can’t say enough good about this game. That’s what Game of Gods is our Game Of The Week here at SNAPPZILLA!!

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Game of Gods is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!

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