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Well, we made it everyone! It was another busy week but, IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! Time to wax those bikini lines and play some vidya gamez!!

It was kind of a slower week for new games on the App Store. We still had a handful of snuggets that popped up. Games like Drobot, RIP, and Space Rabbits In Space kept me busy most of the week. Of course, there was one game that stood out a bit more than the others. That game was Scorcher by RadianGames.

Scorcher is a high-speed endless runner where you are navigating your ship through deep canyons. During each run you will be dodging walls, collecting sharks, and trying to keep your distance from enormous sand worms. (I hate them.) Besides the beautiful visuals and smooth controls, there’s also a handful of unlockables to keep you playing. It’s always nice playing a premium endless runner and RadianGames did excellent job on Scorcher.

Scorcher is in this week’s SNAPP Roundup or you can download it here.

@hashtagNOEN (running a bit late)