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(From The Attic is a way for us to bring new life to older games. With so many games releasing on the App Store on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook a game or two or forget about a game you once loved, but never finished. These articles can come as regular reviews, but for the most part, they are just a way for us to talk about our experiences with an older game and hopefully bring some new attention to it.)

This game technically isn’t that old of a game. It released in the summer of 2017. But, by today’s standards, I guess it’s ancient. Lens of War is an adventure/puzzle game where you take on the role of a photographer in the middle of a war. What’s cool is that the game gives you real famous pictures during past wars and your job is to recreate the scenario in order to capture the same image. First, you’ll need to move the entire scenario by sliding blocks of landscape like a puzzle, then getting the perfect shot by walking around the war zone and finding the right angle/exposure/etc. Lens of War never got the attention it deserved when it first launched. It’s actually really unique game that teaches you a little history and even some photography as you play. If you somehow missed this one and are looking for something different, Lens of War is definitely worth checking out.

Lens of War
Price: $1.99

@hashtagNOEN (a big history nerd)