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Things are about to get serious up in here!

A few weeks ago, one of our SNAPP Family members (Pat) came to me with some personal issues he’d been having. He’s been battling depression on a daily basis. Honestly, I had no clue how to help. Who the hell am I? I’m not a doctor. I’m nobody special. The one thing I could do is listen (and maybe take my shirt off). He asked if he could write a little something about his depression and how gaming has helped him cope with it. Of course, I had absolutely no problem with it. We’re all a family here.

Hi guys it’s PATZILLA here aka Pat… so let’s have a chat about my depression and how I dealt with it. So I was 16(17 now) and I still have it here and there… BUT how I dealt with it is with gaming. So you’re wondering why gaming? Are you dumb? And yes I can be dumb sometimes but no really it helped me. I play Fortnite with friends, play mobile games, etc. but it has helped me with coping and just letting go all my problems. It takes me to another place you know and it helped my not think about the bad times and thinking on who just sniped me on Fortnite and raging while I’m on the phone with my friends. Anyways gaming can help you and yes I’m not a doctor but for me it has helped me through the years and yes for you it could be different. For example, I write songs to help me as well and it has helped but not all the time. Again if you do have depression and need more help I’m here for you if you need to talk. Thanks to NOEN and James for helping me… I talk to them a lot. They are awesome! Love you guys and stay awesome!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/patthegymnast2
YouTube: www.youtube.com/patthegymnast

Remember! If you’re ever battling with depression, get some help. Don’t let it take over. Or just ask and I’ll take my shirt off for you!