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It’s about that time! We’ve made it through the work week! Sooooo, I guess I can say it right? IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES! Time to get out the leather whip and handcuffs and play some vidya gamez!!

It was a bit of a slower week for new games on the App Store. We still had some snuggets sprinkled inside this week’s SNAPP Roundup, just not as many as usual. Games like Squish Machine, Rude Racers, and Sun Wukong Vs Robot are definitely keeping us busy, but of course there was one game that I kept coming back to. That game was Throne Quest.

Throne Quest is a language-less, seem-less, open-world ARPG by Valorware. You are basically left in an absolutely enormous world and left to play the game how you want to. I’ve been raiding dungeons, looting forts, and taking on tons of different types of enemies. The controls and combat are set up like a dual-stick shooter and work beautifully. I’ve sunk who knows how many hours into this game and feel like I haven’t made a dent in it. I will say that the game doesn’t hold your hand one bit, so there’s some trial & error trying to figure things out at first. Once you get past that, the game really sinks you in. I’ve been really impressed with this game so far. And with 150+ unique items to find, 90+ different monsters to slay, and a whole lot of map left to cover, I can tell I’ll be playing this for quite awhile longer.

Throne Quest
Price: $2.99

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