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We’re finally here everyone! We made it! The Polar Vortex is over and…….IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! Yes, time to bust out the jello and kiddie pool and play some damn vidya gamez!

The weather was cold, but that definitely didn’t stop developers from warming us up with some new games on the App Store! While the App Store featured games like Flappy Friends, Tasty Town, and Fabulous Angela’s True Colors, we were deep in the trenches covering games like Ninja Wasteland, Shape Shootout, and ASCII Shooter! (Hey, it was a rough week for me! I had the kids running around SNAPP Headquarters most of the week!) We also had some great games like Spirit Roots and Escapist 2 release this week. (Props to Apple for giving them both a feature.)

Of course, one game stood out just a bit more than the rest this week. That game was Top Run by Katata Games!!

Top Run is an excellent endless runner/platformer that’s set in the glorious 80’s. You play as Kevin and his dog, Buddy as they run through the neon streets of the best decade ever! You can save your friends and use their superpowers while you are shooting floppy discs at enemies. There are over 100 missions along with upgradable power-ups and abilities. The game is F2P with a credit timer, but you can do away with all the shenanigans by unlocking the full game for a few bucks. The pixel art is beautifully chunky and the soundtrack is “totally radical”. Top Run is one of those iOS gems that come out of nowhere and become an instant classic. That’s why it’s SNAPPZILLA’s Game Of The Week!

Top Run is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!!

@hashtagNOEN (a sucker for the 80’s)