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Well, it’s that time again everyone. Yes, I’m gonna say it. IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! Time to pull out the baby oil and Kleenex and play some vidya gamez!!

It was a pretty ridiculous week for new games on the App Store! We had games coming out almost every day this week! Games like Alien: Blackout, Nano Golf: Hole In One, and MIYAMOTO graced the front page of the App Store, while we at SNAPPZILLA really dug games like Hero of HP1, Legends Evolve, and BulletBorne. Of course, one game stood out just a bit more than the rest that released this week. And that game was Beat Cop by 11 Bit Studios.

Beat Cop kind of blew me away with how deep the game actually is. You play as a framed detective that has been demoted to a beat cop in New York City. You’ll be writing tickets, talking to locals, busting perps, all while trying to redeem your good name. Beat Cop’s writing is hilarious with it’s nod to 80’s cop dramas, while the pixel art is gritty and detailed. You can kind of play the game how you want and there are multiple endings depending on how you play. Beat Cop is a blast to play with making you feel like you are a real Frank Poncherello at times. There’s tons to do and see. That’s why It’s our Game Of The Week!!

Beat Cop
Price: $4.99

Beat Cop is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!

@hashtagNOEN (I bet I’d look good in a cop uniform!)