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Here we are, ready to start up a new year at SNAPPZILLA. 2018 went by pretty fast! I’ve always made it a point to be transparent with SNAPPZILLA. So, it’s always kind of fun taking a look back at the past years successes and failures.

2018 wasn’t too crazy of a year for us. We changed up and tried out a few things though……

Our biggest job last year was revamping the look of the website. Hopefully things run a lot smoother and is more pleasant to look at (like myself). Another big change was the actual length of our SNAPP Reviews. The whole point of a SNAPP Review is just to give the reader a quick heads-up on whether a game is worth your time or money. With me liking to ramble, the articles started turning into 3 to 4 paragraph reviews. So, last year I condensed them into a single paragraph.

Next up was Switch coverage. In 2018 we started “dabbling” in Switch games. The SWITCH Roundup actually did really well, but turned out to just be too much extra work for one person to do. That doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. I’m actually debating on bringing it back within the next month or so. We reviewed a couple Nindies last year also. Expect to see a lot more of those this year.

The biggest thing that we were faced with in 2018 was of course, the almighty dollar…..well, the lack of. The money I had put aside to keep my bills paid until SNAPPZILLA was profitable dried out. That put me in a position to either shut down or ask the readers for help. Unfortunately, we didn’t hit our Patreon goal, but we did gain a couple new supporters. SNAPPZILLA is still not out of hot water yet. We are still kind of in limbo on what we’re going to do. I just hope to wake up one day and have a ton of new Patreons I guess. The link will be below if you’re feeling frisky.

That’s about it I think. It was honestly another pretty solid year for us. We ended up getting lot of new readers/followers, so I still feel we’re doing something right thankfully. With all the games out there on the App Store (and eShop), there’s gotta be somebody keeping an eye out for the “little guy”. The same goes for independent media. If you appreciate what we do, consider supporting us to help keep us alive. And if there is something that you feel we are doing wrong or something that we are missing, PLEASE let us know!!

Well, here’s to SNAPPZILLA in 2019!! I think the biggest thing that we need to focus on is promoting and of course, trying to figure out a revenue source. I’m going to do everything in my power to keep us alive! We’ve already got a couple surprises lined up for early this year that I’m really looking forward to. Also, make sure to hook up with us on Discord! I love every one of your damn faces! KEEP ON SWIPING GLITCHES!!

@hashtagNOEN (another year handsomer)