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Here we are on the eve of another new year. Literally thousands of games have come across our desk here at SNAPPZILLA Headquarters. Here’s some math. The App Store averages around 500 new games a day. That’s 3,500 new games a week. Out of that 3,500, only around 100 to 200 actually make it to the SNAPP Roundup each week. Like I wrote in the Best Of 2018 article, there were an average of 7,650 games that released this year over 51 SNAPP Roundups. That is an absolutely ridiculous amount of games!

I know this may sound a bit over-the-top, but over the past week, I’ve gone through every single game that released this year. Every SNAPP Roundup, every SNAPP Review, every note that I had jotted down throughout the year to pick the one single game that defined mobile gaming for me for 2018. Well, that’s stretching it a bit. I’ll just say the one game that stood out the most to me.

That game was Grimvalor by Direlight…….

Grimvalor is fast paced hack & slash platformer set in a dark and gritty fantasy world. You play as one of two characters as they go on a journey to try and restore a corrupted realm in the kingdom of Vallaris. The game has a perfect mix of exploration and combat. You can play the game straight through and have a good enough time doing it, or you can backtrack and look around for hidden items to help you along your way. There’s also an upgrading system if you’re someone like me who likes to grind a little. It’s a huge help in making you not feel stuck in parts. If an enemy is too tough to kill, you can go explore a little, beef up your character, or even find a new weapon. Then you can go back and try again.

Everything just works well in Grimvalor. The virtual controls work flawlessly and can also be customized. Not to mention the game supports MFI controllers. The iCloud saving works the way I wish every game did. Switching between an iPad and iPhone has never been easier.

Grimvalor is just one of those games that you’d want to show off to a friend. It’s absolutely beautiful to look at and it’s not a port from another platform. It’s a game that was built for playing on mobile. There’s no “always online” shenanigans or optional IAPs for fancy costumes or extra coins. It’s as simple as paying for the game up front and playing it until you’re finished. There were a lot of other great games this year, but Grimvalor just seemed to be that perfect fit for Game Of The Year.

Price: $6.99

Congrats to Direlight and the rest of the game developers that released a game in 2018! Thank you for making life a better place!

@hashtagNOEN (writer of the year? Hmm)