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Guess what?? IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! Time to get out the baby oil and kiddie pool and play some vidya gamez!!

We’re closing in on the 2018 App Store Freeze and developers/publishers are racing to get their games out before the doors shut for 2 weeks. Of course, that’s always a good thing for us gamers! That means MOAR GAMES!

That also makes it tough to pick a Game Of The Week. There were so many great games. I would have loved to play Tropico, but it was the first game in years where I didn’t have a device that was up to snuff. So, that one was knocked out for the running. Bendy and the Ink Machine released late in the week and probably would have been my pick, but I try to stay away from ports for GOTW. This might come as a surprise to some, but Fly THIS! is actually my Game Of The Week here at SNAPPZILLA!

Fly THIS! is the sequel to Northplay’s Conduct THIS! that released around this time a couple years ago. Fly THIS! plays a bit differently though. The game plays more like the line drawing games that were all the rage in the early App Store days. You’re basically transporting passengers to different color coded airports. Northplay throws in some curveballs like elevated terrain, bad weather, and a few more surprises. You can also upgrade your airport and buy new planes. Fly THIS! may not be the big indie hit that most were expecting, but it’s a game that I kept going back to and most of all, a game that I kept having fun with. That’s why it’s our GAME OF THE WEEK!!!! dun dun duuuun!!

Fly THIS! is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!!

@hashtagNOEN (writing THIS! article)