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(The SNAPP Challenge is just friendly competition between Noen, James, and the SNAPPZILLA community. Usually, a recently released game from the App Store is picked by anyone in the family and the whole community battles it out for the highest score for bragging rights. All you have to do to join is play the game that’s picked and tweet out a screenshot of your highest score with the hashtag, #SNAPPChallenge. You can also join us on Discord in the “SNAPP Challenge section.)

This week’s SNAPP Challenge is Flip Skater by Qwiboo and Miniclip!

Flip Skater is the newest game in Miniclip’s “Flip” series. It’s a pretty standard half-pipe style game where the object is to get the highest score. There’s been several of these kind of games on the App Store, but I honestly haven’t seen one better than this. You can unlock and upgrade new skaters, boards, new tricks, and even new ramps. Each skater and board has its own unique stats, so It kind of throws a wrench in the whole high-score thing. Some people may have different advantages due to what board/skater they have. Regardless, it’s a really fun game worth the challenge. I threw out my warning shot with a high score of 12360 (screenshot in Discord). So, if anyone wants a piece, we will be shredding it up for the next couple days. Make sure to use the hashtag, #SNAPPChallenge or post your screenshot in our Discord!

Flip Skater
Price: Free+

Flip Skater is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!!

@hashtagNOEN (SK8 or Die!)