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(From The Attic is a way for us to bring new life to older games. With so many games releasing on the App Store on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook a game or two or forget about a game you once loved, but never finished. These articles can come as regular reviews, but for the most part, they are just a way for us to talk about our experiences with an older game and hopefully bring some new attention to it.)

Noen is back up in the iOS Attic again. He’s dusted off a couple snuggets this time!

2-Bit Cowboy and it’s sequel, 2-Bit Cowboy Rides Again are western themed action-platformers by Cascadia Games/Retro Phone and Crescent Moon where you play as a cowboy (or cowgirl) out chasing the outlaw Bitty Gang. The original released in 2014 with the sequel in 2016. What was cool about these games besides the retro style GameBoy visuals was the variety. You can gamble at casinos, drink at saloons, ride horses, bulls, minecarts, and even swim. The levels are actually pretty big with a good sense of exploration for a platformer. Both games have its own charm that hasn’t been reproduced by anyone. The 2-Bit Cowboy games are iOS Classics and are still a MUST-HAVE for any mobile gamer.

2-bit Cowboy
Price: $0.99+
2-bit Cowboy Rides Again
Price: $1.99+

@hashtagNOEN (still riding that RDR2 horse)