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It’s that time again everyone! Yes, IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! Time to get out the massage oil and wet wipes and play some vidya gamez!!

We had a pretty wonky week with the holiday yesterday. It wasn’t as busy as the past few weeks, but there was still some snuggets like Episode 3 of Odysseus Kosmos, Space Wingmen, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, and a few more. Of course, one game stuck out the most this week. One game that we kept going back to over and over again. That game was…………Super Fowlst!!

Super Fowlst is the creation of indie developer, Thomas Young and the sequel to last year’s hit, Fowlst. Super Fowlst is an action game where you play as a chicken bouncing off the heads of demons that have overrun the universe. Everything that was great about the original has been ramped up tremendously. Sprawling stages, huge bosses, and tons of loot will keep you playing over and over. You can of course, turn in your loot for upgrades like egg bombs and rockets that come out of your butt. There’s also new characters to unlock this time around! Super Fowlst is one of those games that never seems to get old. Every time you play it, you find something different. That’s why it’s GOTW here at SNAPPZILLA!!

Super Fowlst
Price: Free+

Super Fowlst is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!

@hashtagNOEN (I hate eggs)