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*COSMIC TOP SECRET (CTS) – This security classification is applied to information the unauthorized disclosure of which would cause exceptionally grave damage to NATO (NATO is an acronym for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization)*

Cosmic Top Secret launched today on mobile and PC. The game is by indie developer, Those Eyes and film studio, Klassefilm and is a true-story adventure about “T” (Trine, the game’s lead developer) and her journey to discover more about her parent’s involvement with the Danish Intelligence Service during the Cold War.

In Cosmic Top Secret, players flick, roll and glide their way across six distinct levels, uncovering clues and completing secret dossiers by gathering over 400 collectables. Along the way, players meet a cast of colourful and unforgettable characters including Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

As part of the game’s production, Trine interviewed her parents and their former colleagues for 7 years, building a portfolio of over 100 hours of video and audio footage. The game’s dedication to accurately depicting Cold War events is such that Trine arranged meetings at the Headquarters of the Danish Military Intelligence to secure clearance on the use of the interviews and certain documents within the game.

I’ve been lucky enough to dig into the game for the past week or so and am absolutely in love with it. CTS is a unique hybrid of a Point & Click and adventure game. It merges documentary-style storytelling with fantasy, and brings them together in an abstract paper craft world. There is so many things to do and so much to investigate, that it honestly feels like you are breaking the law figuring out all this information. I will say that you feel a little lost in the beginning and overwhelmed with all the information coming at you, but once you get your bearings, the game gets really interesting.

Cosmic Top Secret is one of those games that is going to leave its own mark on the industry. There’s really nothing else like it out there on the App Store. If you’re a fan of documentaries, history, storytelling, or just want something different, this is definitely a game worth checking out!

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