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IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! The work week is finally over! Time to get out the baby oil and Kleenex and play some vidya gamez!!

We had another great week for games on the App Store. Not to mention a bunch of big updates for Halloween. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty non-stop with titles releasing. Games like Farabel, Blackmoor 2, Knights & Dungeons and a bunch more. This week was tough picking GOTW. I was pretty torn between Blackmoor 2 and Trigger Heroes. Then I played Help! I’m Haunted!

Help! I’m Haunted is an old-school platformer/shooter where you play as a freelance exorcist named Harry B. Haunted that is trying to rid the town of Neotransylvania of the paranormal. Townsfolk call Harry and it’s his job get rid of the undead and unwanted. (Kind of like a lone wolf ghostbuster.) Each level will have you jumping platforms, dodging projectiles, and of course, shooting ghosts. The shooting takes a minute to get used to, but once you figure it out, you’ll love it. You can also upgrade your weapons and gear with the money you make from each job. I will say the game can be a bit tough for some people, but that’s the charm of this game. Help! I’m Haunted! is one of the few games that made me feel like I was my 10 year old self playing games on my Nintendo. It has that nostalgic feel to it with just enough modern amenities to not wreck the old-school feel. That’s why it’s Game Of The Week at SNAPPZILLA!!

Help! I'm Haunted
Price: $2.99

Help! I’m Haunted is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!!

@hashtagNOEN (Help! I’m Addicted……to this game)