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Guess what?? IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! Hells yes! It’s time to get these itchy clothes off, rub some baby oil on your upper thighs, and play some damn vidya gamez!!

Holy poop this week was a crazy one! We had so many great titles release on the App Store! Games like Stardew Valley, SHUMP, Squids Odyssey, and actually a ton more!! (Not to mention, Red Dead Redemption 2 launched today for all you console and PC gamers.) You can of course, check out this week’s SNAPP Roundup for the full list.

As usual, there can only be one Game of the Week. I was struggling between a couple games, but I kept coming back to one game. That game is Tesla vs Lovecraft by 10tons.

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a dual-stick arena shooter where you play as Nikola Tesla. On the eve of his greatest invention, Nikola’s house is burnt down by creatures straight out of H.P. Lovecraft’s novels. From there, the showdown begins. Everything about this game is near-perfect. From the stunning visuals, the tight controls, to the character design and overall setting of the game. There are skills to unlock, several weapons, power-ups, game modes, and a ton more. If you’re a fan of the classic, Crimsonland game by 10tons, then you love Tesla vs Lovecraft. If you’re a fan of shooters, then you’ll love Tesla vs Lovecraft. If you’re a fan of gaming in general, then you’ll love Tesla vs Lovecraft.

Tesla vs Lovecraft
Price: $8.99+

@hashtagNOEN (did I mention that I really like this game?)

Runner-up goes to Curses n’ Candy. It was a tough decision to make this week!

Candies 'n Curses
Price: Free+

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