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Well, the work week is finally over. You know what that means right? Yes, IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!! Time to rub honey on our thighs and play some damn vidya gamez!!

One look at this week’s SNAPP Roundup, and you’ll notice that we had another fantastic week on the App Store for new releases. Games like the long awaited Badland Brawl, ELOH, and Dizzy Knight. Of course, one game stuck out a little bit more this week and that game was Grimvalor by Direlight.

Grimvalor was developed by the team behind the iOS classic, Swordingo and it shows. The game is an absolutely beautiful hack & slash platformer where you take on the roll of a lone warrior on a quest to defeat King Valor and his corrupted horde of followers. The combat is fast and furious with different ways to chain combos, dodge attacks, and run up walls. You can collect and upgrade different weapons throughout the game with souls you collect from fallen enemies. There’s also mild RPG elements like earning experience and upgrading your character. Grimvalor is another game that’ll go down in mobile gaming history as an instant iOS classic.

Price: $6.99

@hashtagNOEN (a total fanboy right now)