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(SNAPP 5 [or “5NAPP” because it looks cool] is not a “best of” compilation, but more of a list of just five great iOS games that have some kind of connection between them.)

One genre that hasn’t changed much since it first started on PC is Point & Click games. P&C games got their name from the actions the user used on these mainly adventure style games where the user moved the “pointer” on the screen and “clicked” the mouse to find clues or move characters. Point & Click games come in all shapes and sizes now and are a perfect fit on iOS, especially if you have an iPad. So, here’s five P&C games that are definitely worth “pointing” at the buy button and “clicking”. (Yea, that just happened.)

Thimbleweed Park
Price: $9.99
Kathy Rain
Price: $4.99
The Frostrune
Price: $4.99
Dead Synchronicity
Price: $2.99

@hashtagNOEN (always pointing and sometimes clicking)