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Yes, we’ve made it to the end of another release week on the App Store. Of course, we’ve ended up with dozens of games again on the SNAPP Roundup. I’m not complaining at all though! It’s like a holiday every week wondering what surprises are going to pop up.

Out of all the games that released this week, one game stuck out the most to me and that game was H3H3: Ball Rider by Outerminds. You play as YouTubers, Ethan and Hila while you try and navigate through endless tunnels across 8 different locations. The tunnels are all randomly generated with tons of traps and H3H3 fanfare. You can also collect and upgrade equipment that changes up the game, not to mention collecting over 100 different outfits for the two. Even if you’re not a fan of H3H3, Ball Rider is a really solid game with some absolutely beautiful pixel art. If you do happen to be a fan, than this should be a no-brainer. #PapaBless

H3H3: Ball Rider
Price: Free+

H3H3: Ball Rider is also in this week’s SNAPP Roundup!

@hashtagNOEN (VapeNation)