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Here we go yet again. Noen changing things up because he’s a perfectionist. A handsome one at that.

I’ve always loved doing the Weekly 5NAPP every Friday. It’s a good way to showcase some of the best games of the week and give my little opinion on them. But, there’s always that one game that has me hooked and coming back for more every time I have the chance. Originally, I was against doing a Game of the Week article because there are just too many great games to pick just one. But, I feel if I’m that impressed with a game, then it deserves the extra attention. Long story short, SNAPPZILLA is going to present a Game of the Week now.

This week we had quite a few contenders for GOTW. Shooting Hoops, SOS Defense, ROME: Total War, Hipster Attack, and quite a few more from this week’s SNAPP Roundup. But, the one game that stuck out the most to me this week was BotHeads 2 (by A Small Game).

BotHeads 2 is the sequel to last year’s atmospheric arcade adventure that also had me hooked. It’s a physics-based platformer where you fly, bounce, and dash your way through a fantastic world filled with ridiculously weird creatures and dangerous traps. A Small Game upped the ante this time around with updated visuals, unlockable characters, and even a level editor. With 40 handcrafted levels, plus the player’s levels, I’ve had my hands pretty full. I’m almost done with the game and actually sad for it to be over. So, hopefully we have some creative people out there to make some new levels to keep my occupied. For a dollar, BotHeads 2 should be a no-brainer for anyone reading this.

BotHeads 2
Price: Free+

Congrats to A Small Game and Boy vs Bacteria for BotHeads 2 being this week’s Game of the Week!!

@hashtagNOEN (always changing things)