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(While digging through the App Store day in and day out, we run across NUMEROUS clones, cash-grabs, and blatant ripoffs of other games. We’ve become so used to them that we tend to look over them without blinking an eye. Attack of the Clones is our way of calling them out.)

Another release week has come and gone. It was fairly quiet week on the App Store. We still ended up with some really solid titles though. Math and Sorcery, Pocket City, hell, Shaq Fu received an iOS port this week! I’d take a slow release week with just a handful of solid games over a huge release week with a bunch of mediocre games!

Even though it was fairly quiet, the App Store never sleeps when it comes to the “other games”. Yes, it’s time to talk about the SOTW (Shames Of The Week). The clones, ripoffs, and cash-grabs. The darker side of the App Store.


This week’s trend seemed to be PUBG clones and crappy FPS games. “Balls” games are still a close second. I’ve been seeing a comeback of bad stickman games also this week. Of course, I’m only talking about the games that are pushed out just to make a quick buck. You start getting to know certain developers and publishers that push this shit out daily.

With that being said, let’s get into this week’s top of the bottom. The naughty nuggets that stuck out most to me. The SOTW.


First up to bat is Evolution of Gun Man. It’s pretty much a complete ripoff of Mr. Gun by Ketchapp. BUT………Ketchapp has a reputation of “borrowing” ideas. So, is it a wash??

Mr Gun
Price: Free+

Next up is Warrior Sword Attack. They were busy with this one. The app icon has art ripped off of Samurai vs Zombies Defense by Glu Mobile. The game itself is ripped off from Samaria: Way of the Warrior by Madfinger.

Next one takes from two games also. First off is the obvious “inspiration” from PUBG. The other actually plays off of Hello Neighbor by tinyBuild which is in the Top Free Games right now. You can tell by the handlebar mustache. Damn, I’d love to grow a handlebar mustache.

Price: Free+
Hello Neighbor
Price: Free+

This one is more of another trend that’s popped up the past couple weeks. It must be a pre-made asset you can buy or something, but there are a TON of these “chopping” games that just recently popped up on the App Store. They all look and play the same with very minor differences. Just a heads up.

Last up is one one of those games that make you want to quit gaming all together just for this being a thing. It’s just a cheap game riding off of another one of these stupid social media challenges of the week. (God, I’m getting old.) Usually by the time the game comes out, the challenge has come and gone.

Alright, that’s it for this week’s Dirty 5. I feel like I need to take a shower after all this. Remember to keep it creative everyone!

@hashtagNOEN (hating stupid social media challenges because I’m old)

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