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(SNAPP Reviews aren’t really a full fledged game review as much as they are just a way for us to give you a quick “heads-up” on whether a game is good or not. It usually means that we haven’t finished the game yet, but have played a good enough chunk to know whether it’s worth your time/money or not.)

Dark Things is a classic Point & Click game about Mr. Doe and……..well, seeing how this game is mainly story-based, I won’t say much. (That’s why I don’t review P&C games) I will say that the writing is very witty and even made me chuckle at times even though the story is a bit dark and mysterious. The visuals are beautifully chunky pixel art with minimal movement. That was the biggest drawback for me at first. Each area is a single static scene. Once I progressed a little in the game, I didn’t notice it at all. It actually made me appreciate each scene like I was looking at a painting. Regardless, Dark Things is a solid game with some great pixel art work. If you’re a fan of Point & Click games or like a good mystery, Dark Things is worth pointing and clicking on. (See what I did there?)

Dark Things
Price: Free+

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