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(While digging through the App Store day in and day out, we run across NUMEROUS clones, cash-grabs, and blatant ripoffs of other games. We’ve become so used to them that we tend to look over them without blinking an eye. Attack of the Clones is our way of calling them out.)

Well, the end of the week is here (IT’S FRIDAY GLITCHES!) and this week’s onslaught of new games have finally started to slow down. Of course, that hasn’t stopped “The Attack”! Yes, unfortunately the clones, cash-grabs, and ripoffs were out in full force this week!

The trends have started to shift a little on the App Store this week. For the past couple months, we were getting bombarded with “ballz games”. Every other game that popped up had the “balls” in it. Color Ballz, Falling Ballz, Balls Race, Ball Shoot, Snake Balls, you get the idea. Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen a big shift toward these horror games that involve old people. It started with a game called, “Granny” that jumped on the charts out of nowhere. Now, we’re seeing a bunch of copies of the same thing. Who knows how long this fad will last.

Anyway, here are the best of this week’s new SOTW (Shames Of The Week). There’s are the “games” that kind of stuck out the most to me.

First game up is Little Meaty. A tale about the childhood of Super Meat Boy? I’m not sure. All I know is that this game isn’t by indie developer, Team Meat. BTW. Where’s our official mobile version of SMB??

Next up is Flip Fry Challenge. Look familiar? Because it’s pretty damn close to Philipp Stollenmayer’s Pancake and Burger games. FYI, I highly recommend both games and just about every other game by Philipp.

Pancake – The Game
Price: Free
Burger – The Game
Price: Free

This one is pretty bad. This is an exact rip from Space Ape’s Fastlane: Road to Revenge. I mean, judging from the screenshots, everything is the same. Shame shame, I know your name!

I might need some help on this one. If any of the older mobile gamers remember, there was a game VERY similar to this game where you slide your vehicle into parking spots on the side of the road. It may have even been called something like Tap Parking. It was a really fun game. I actually downloaded this game to make sure it wasn’t re-released under a different name. It’s not, but it’s definitely a copy of the other game.

Last up is a game that actually has TWO trends I’ve been seeing lately. First up is putting “.io” after the title of the game. That’s actually been going on for at least a year now. The other is putting MLG or eSports Edition after the title of the game. I’m sure it’s tough getting your game recognized on the App Store. But using tactics like this just feels dirty to me.

Alright. That’s it for this week’s naughty nuggets. There were of course, a whole lot more I could have added, but we’ll just keep it at the usual Dirty 5.

Have a great weekend everyone! Keep on swiping!!

@hashtagNOEN (keeping it creative)