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Ok folks I’m here to tell you to look out for Silverfish DX launching early next month. It’s available now for pre-order so why not give the link below a little tickle (as Noen would say).

So what’s it all about? Watch the trailer above as I haven’t got time to tell you – I’m busy playing the demo version and I need to beat my current hi-score of 2,023.018. Note to Mikey B and TigerrrUppercut please don’t come at me, let me win this one! 🙂

All I can say is you’re in safe hands with this colourful and frantic arcade action game as it’s been developed by Chaotic Box.

Silverfish DX
Weave your way through menacing swarms, collect Power Pods and turn the tables on your foes! The space bugs are back and tougher than ever – do you have what it takes to defeat them?

Silverfish DX delivers pure arcade action designed & refined for touchscreens and the Apple TV Remote. Also works great with MFi controllers.

Available now for pre-order

Silverfish DX
Price: $3.99