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Bored with the hum-drum of everyday life, the Licht God decides to shake things up by giving you a special weapon known as the “Lichtspeer” and tasks you with laying waste to the various inhabitats of this his crazy world. Enter our hero (or heroine – your choice) to do just that.

Though it’s seen releases on Windows, macOS, Linux, and PS4, Lichtspeer – Double Speer Edition made its debut on the Nintendo Switch just a few weeks ago. That was the first time I had played it, and I had a tough time putting it down. There is no deep story to be told, but the bits of dialogue are pretty funny, especially the German twist on English words. Things like, “Don’t lose your licht (life)”, or “Press any button to licht (play?)”, lighten up this seriously challenging game.

Gameplay is straightforward: The hero takes his/her place at the left of the screen while launching spears at oncoming waves of enemies, slingshot-style. Things start out slow, with only one plane of enemies at first, then eventually platforms will start to appear with more enemies up higher. Some smaller soldiers will run fast towards you, while the bigger enemies tend to move slower. It’s all about nailing those headshots without a miss to build a nice combo mutiplier. As you can imagine, the action will get intense very quickly, so visit the Licht Shop often. There you purchase variety of moves (ten in total) that will help you in battle.

Your basic spear attack is assigned to the A button, while the other three powers are divided between the B, X, and Y buttons. These special powers are very useful for when you just don’t have time for a tactical spear kill. There are 10 powers available for purchase using your LSD, or “Licht Standard Denomination”. To that I say, “LOL”.

There are 13 levels with 5 waves each. That may seem short, but the great thing is you can replay any level to gain more cash at no penalty. Also, the levels each have a set of three goals, and I found myself replaying them to improve my score, as well as to complete any objectives I missed.

Overall, Lichtspeer checks all the right boxes for me. The action is just intense enough to not be overly frustrating, while giving a nice adrenaline rush when you get in the killing zone. There were a couple occasions I wished I had recorded the gameplay. It’s extremely satisfying to string a bunch of headshots together, knowing that a gentle flick of the control stick will nail that guy in the very back by using your previous shots to judge the trajectory.

At $9.99 US, I highly recommend giving Lichtspeer a download. With its simple premise, the controls work perfectly with either a Pro Controller or the standard Joy-Cons. Touch controls are also supported if you prefer to play that way. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried the co-op mode, but I imagine it would be a riot to play with a friend.