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Ok. Normally I don’t write a lot about super casual games, but Pigeon Pop (by H8 Games) had me hooked after I found myself laughing the first time I played it.

Pigeon Pop is pretty much your standard timing-based game at first glance. But once you get a little further into the game, it really starts showing it’s charm.

What really had me chuckling was those damn birds dancing. I don’t know. Maybe I’m easily amused today, but ¬†those pigeons can really get down!

Anyway, you can check out my quick SNAPPshot and than after that, you can boogie on over to the SNAPP Roundup and pick Pigeon Pop up and check out the rest of this week’s new releases.

(UPDATE: There is currently an issue going on with the artwork of this game. It looks like it may have been the artwork of another artist. We’re not sure if the art was stolen or just coincidence. Things don’t look good though. We’ll keep you posted.)

@hashtagNOEN (your private dancer)