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I know that we aren’t the biggest iOS review/news/views site out there in the interweb, but we do our best here at SNAPPZILLA to show everyone that the mobile game industry is more than just Clash of Clans and Candy Crush clones. We try and help gain attention to to indie games and developers that aren’t getting the attention that they deserve.

So, it’s always nice to hear that we are making a difference.

Last week we did a SNAPPshot of a game called Commando Blaze by Affinixy Games. It’s a really cool run n’ gun style pixel art platformer that even made the weekly SNAPP 5.

The developers were looking for any press that was out on their recently released game, and SNAPPZILLA popped up on Google. They ended up getting ahold of us and thanking us for the nod and asked if they could mention us in their blog. So, we just wanted to share what was said.

Anyway. We just thought we’d share that with you. It’s always nice knowing we are helping out in some small way. You can check out the real thing on Affinixy’s blog right here.

@hashtagNOEN (keeping it stiff)