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Well, Happy Thursday SNAPP Family! It’s been a little slow for games so far today, but I found one that may be worth checking out.

The game is called Evil Cogs (by Wet Fish) and plays a lot like the Badlands games. You play as a beam of light that’s exploring throughout a crazy shadow world.

Like I mentioned in my SNAPPshot, the only thing that’s a little concerning to me is that the game was F2P on Android and now is a “premium” game, but the IAPs are all still there. I haven’t had any issues collecting coins, but it’s just something to point out.

Regardless, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Evil Cogs. I’d say it’s worth the $1.99 price tag so far. You can of course check out this game and the rest of today’s releases in this week’s (Valentine themed) SNAPP Roundup.

@hashtagNOEN (chasing spermys)