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Here we are on another New Release Thursday and I’m going to do things a little differently starting today. I mentioned in this video that I will try and get as many as these SNAPPshots out as I can each day. I will also try and keep my blabbering to a minimum. Instead of me talking throughout the entire game, I’ll just pop in and out whenever I feel the need to say something.

So, first up today is a game called, Dig Dog: Treasure Hunter (by Wild Rooster). It’s a roguelike platformer where you play as a dog looking for a bone.

I leave a brief (yet awesome) opinion on the game in the video. I do like Dig Dog. It’s a really fun game. I just wish there was a little bit more.

As always, you can find Dig Dog: Treasure Hunter and the rest of today’s games in the SNAPP Roundup.

@hashtagNOEN (digging deep)